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3.3 year old - room transistion

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milkyman Mon 11-Jan-16 08:51:46

I am 6 months pregnant, 40 years old and it was a 'surprise' pregnancy - have been very unsure and anxious about it as terrible birth, first few months last time.

We have just moved ds from cot to new room and bed. His bedtime routine was 30mins. It is now taking over an hour with early wakings and night wake ups. He has terrible tantrums in the day. He used to sleep 12 hours a night.

We are tempted to put him back in his small room, sleep bag and cot but he will soon grow out of it! I am dreading the second baby. Life had just got simple and back on track. Feeling so down.

FATEdestiny Mon 11-Jan-16 22:00:28

That's a lot of changes all in one go. I recall my son 'mourning' the loss of his sleeping bag and having an unsettled time when he first changed to a duvet (in his cot). To make that change at the same time as changing into a bed and also a new room - it is little surprise he is over whelmed by it all.

I'm sure he'll manage though, but he may need some time and patience to get used to things though.

I would do something to recreate the cocooned feeling a cot gives - try a bed guard or a bed-den type thing.

rudolphistheboss Mon 11-Jan-16 22:03:28

How about the gro-to-bed sheet sets where the duvet zips to the bed sheets? Could be a good interim, sort of halfway between a sleeping bag and 'proper' bedding?

FATEdestiny Mon 11-Jan-16 22:28:45

What a genius product that is! I have never heard of gro-to-bed before but have just googled - fantastic idea.

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