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Now I have insomnia...

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TippetyTapWriter Mon 11-Jan-16 01:45:41

Hi all, so tired and feeling sorry for myself! Ds is 8mo and has never been good sleeper. Got gradually worse from 4 months and now wakes about 5-20 times a night, only 1-2 times for milk (formula fed). Mostly he is rolling onto his tummy and wakes up crying (a horrific wail which always sets my heart hammering!), sometimes he just cries for no obvious reason. Have never taught him to self-settle as if I put him down awake he rolls over and starts crying. Has been doing so for four months! He wakes every couple of hours in the night, then about every half hour from about 4am until I give up at 6 and decide it's morning. Normally try and bring him into bed with us but he just kicks, pulls our clothes and hair, tries to stick his fingers in my nose!, fusses, groans, rolls over, cries, etc etc.

Don't think there is anything for it but to hope he gets better eventually?! Just having a moan really as the last few nights I'm so overtired that now I can't sleep!! Haven't slept for more than a couple of hours since Friday night (haven't slept more than a few hours in a row for well over a year as also had horrible pregnancy insomnia!!).

Someone tell me it gets better and my boy will suddenly start sleeping 12 hours soon... !!

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 11-Jan-16 05:55:39

I had pregnancy insomnia and a non-sleeper. She's now five and sleeps like a dream, better than all her friends. I don't want to tell you when she started sleeping through because it might scare you! But it does get better and eventually the insomnia gets a bit better too. Although I don't think I'll ever sleep as well as I used to!

DD was also a terrible fidget in bed so cosleeping wasn't a good option.

It's hell. But it does get better. 💐

Lj8893 Mon 11-Jan-16 06:10:58

If it's any consolation dd was a perfect sleeper as a baby till about 1.5. She's now bloody awful at 2.2. So hopefully you just have the opposite!

Purpleboa Mon 11-Jan-16 23:50:29

Much sympathy. My DD is six months so I'm two months behind you. Similar story, non sleeper, and it's got really bad this month. And now I've got insomnia. Feel horribly anxious and totally wired. My brain is racing, I just can't switch off and when I finally manage to start to let awakes!! It's just awful. I never imagined it would be like this. Some days I think it might actually kill me.

YesEinsteinsMumDid Tue 12-Jan-16 01:34:56

Is ds colic-y/ have reflux issues (or silent reflux)? Ds was a dreadful sleeper, but he was dreadfully dreadfully colic-y Sleep was better once we got the colic under control and improved considerably once he grew out of it entirely.

I can't say he is the best sleeper compared to other children his age but he is significantly better than he used to be. My insomnia is bad but I use the odd calms sleep remedy to break the not sleeping cycle. It does not make me so sleepy that I can't get up and deal with ds should he require it.

Good luck

Purpleboa Tue 12-Jan-16 02:13:28

I have Kalms but can't take them because I'm bloody breastfeeding!!

TippetyTapWriter Thu 14-Jan-16 09:54:06

Sorry to hear others are/have been suffering. It's pretty much torture isn't it? Luckily insomnia didn't last more than a few days. Had a bath and an early night. Ds only woke once that night! He does that every few weeks as though just to prove he can! Back to normal the next night. Today started at 5 am!

Not sure about colic and reflux. I thought he had it as a newborn because he had crying fits after each bottle. Tried Gaviscon but didn't make any difference. Finally figured out he was probably just hungry as crying stopped once we upped the size of his bottles (to way past what the hv said!!). But he was always posseting alot and still brings up a tiny amount every now and then so possibly he has a bit of reflux. What other symptoms would there be?

Thanks for replies everyone. Hoping your little ones give you some respite soon .

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