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Room sharing

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Hawest1 Tue 05-Jan-16 21:25:01

I have posted about issues with my DSs (3 & 1.5) sharing a room before but this time it is a completely different issue.
For xmas my sons got bunk beds (they are a bit shorter than normal bunk beds & completely age appropriate, stairs instead of ladders etc) since this ds1 has slept a lot better & his feart of the dark seems to have disappeared almost completely.
The problem is ds2, in the past 2 weeks he has been up & down like a yoyo, it's a completely nightmare to get him to bed (once he is sleeping he doesn't even flinch until morning) bedtime has been 7.30 for aslong as I remember but recently it's been near enough 10pm before he give in! Since being in a big boy bed (toddler bed before the bunk beds) he has slept all night & his pattern has barely been disrupted even when teething & such like.
It's gotten that bad that I can't send ds1 to bed until ds2 is out cold because he climbs up & jumps all over the top of him, or screams & sings & keeps both of them awake! Last night I thought ds2 was sleeping at 10pm so finally carried ds1 up the stairs & 2 mins later there was screaming crying giggling & this went on until 11.45pm.
At this very moment in time I am sat at the top of the stairs after placing ds2 back in bed for what feels like the 1millionth time tonight! With poor ds1 snoring away on the couch cause he can't get to his own bed in peace!!

So really my question is, has anyone else had this problem? Or one like it & If so how do I attempt to fix this?

FATEdestiny Tue 05-Jan-16 21:42:49

I would fix it by not using bunk beds at that very young age.

If they were sleeping well before, why have you changed things? Could you change them back?

Hawest1 Tue 05-Jan-16 21:53:07

We moved house and their room is tiny their beds were side by side & had no room for anything else, since we moved his sleeping has been a bit mucked up. He seems to enjoy jumping about his brothers head while he sleeps. Bunk beds were to solve the space issue as u could barely move in the room. Once he is sleeping he has a better nights sleep as he isn't battering himself off the walls every 5mins like in his old bed, but it's the getting him to sleep part that's the issue now.

FATEdestiny Tue 05-Jan-16 22:16:20

My DD is 15+ months and is still a baby. I cannot begin to imagine how dangerous it would be her having access to bunkbed steps in the night. That would really frighten me. How is your 18 month old kept safe so he doesn't fall off?

Indeed, even your 3 year old. I struggled to find a bunkbed which didn't have an Aged 6+ safety notice for the top bunk.

I think your arrangement is quite dangerous frankly. I'd go back to cots.

Hawest1 Tue 05-Jan-16 23:51:12

It isn't ladders, it is stairs & has a safety gate built on the bottom. He doesn't climb up them atall, hasn't even bothered with the gate & there is a bed guard on his bed even tho it isn't far from the ground anyways. I didn't post this to be judged I posted for advice.
Ds2 hasn't been in a cot since 10months old so wouldn't be going back to that even if it was an option.
We got bunk beds as our house is very small & cramped for space even if I wanted a cot in my room I couldn't have. & since ds2 found the toddler bed too small for his wriggling (he literally banged off the wall every 10mins all night long) it was time to move him into a slightly bigger, single bed, but as we could barely fit a single & a toddler bed in the same room there was no chance of 2 singles fitting.
I was asking for advice on how to get my toddler into bed & for him to stay in there & not be up & down a million times a night resulting in the hole house being up until 11.45pm sometimes later (this is with no naps during the day!!) as it isn't fair on my 3year old ending up snoring on the couch because his brother won't give in.

Hawest1 Tue 05-Jan-16 23:55:12

I realise in my first post I said he jumped about his brother but I meant before the bunkbeds & have learnt they can't be bedded at the same time because of this & a number of other things ds2 does to keep his brother awake & this is why ds1 ends up falling asleep on the couch instead.

Babymamamama Wed 06-Jan-16 00:03:28

I know you didn't post to get judged but I would like you to think about this. I think they are too young for bunk beds. What if the one on top wants to get out suddenly in the night and you're not there to supervise. What if he has a bad dream, temperature, needs the loo or whatever. I know this is beside the point but there must be some guidelines on suitable age. Kids I know who gone on to top bed of bunkbeds are all five plus.

Hawest1 Wed 06-Jan-16 00:12:11

These ones really aren't that high & the bottom bunk sits very low to the floor & the 2 weeks they have had them ds1 has managed to climb up & down by himself with no problems. He tried out a friends bunkbeds & cabin bed before I made the decision to get them so I knew he would be able to deal with them. I have placed fairy lights down the stairs of the bed so he can see where he is going in the night (& to help his scared of the dark issue) not that he wakes up very often in the night anymore. so it's not as if I went into it completely blind. The safety gate is easy enough for him to open but it puts off ds2 from even attempting the stairs even tho it doesn't stop him annoying his brother in the slightest.
My youngest brother had a cabin bed from the age of 3 & it sits the same height as the top bunk on this bed.....

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