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Small room sharers...what to do?

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minniebear Mon 04-Jan-16 20:44:35

DD1 is 18 months, and DD2 is 2 months, and we live in a two bedroom house. DD2 is in with us currently, and will be until she starts doing longer stretches in the night, DD1 currently sleeps 7pm to 7-8am. She's currently in a cot, but we have a toddler bed at the ready.

Mums who've successfully had siblings share a room, do you recommend getting DD1 into the bed first, in preparation for DD2 sharing, or is it easier to keep her in the cot so she can't run rampant in the night?

So confused-I have no experience of sharing rooms!

lucy101101 Mon 04-Jan-16 20:53:56

I would keep her in the cot until she can climb out and it is unsafe (as long as the cot is big enough of course). We just put our 18month old in a larger cot and I am dreading her being able to get out as she will be running around and trying to get in bed with her brother who is four and a half. When are you planning putting DD2 in with DD1? I would leave it as long as possible if it isn't disturbing your sleep.

We actually have spare bedrooms but our oldest wanted to share if that helps. However we did keep the baby in with us until she was 18 months. We transitioned the 4 year old out of the toddler bed into a single and the baby out of her small cot and into a larger one into the shared bedroom at the same time so it was an adventure for both of them.

RandomMess Mon 04-Jan-16 20:56:21

I kept mine it cots for a long long long time, then I just took one side off and used as a bed like that. They take up less room!!!

minniebear Mon 04-Jan-16 21:10:36

Thank you for the replies! I think we'll keep DD2 in with us for a while-DD1 was in her room from 4 months. I can see it being at least 6 months with our 2 month old, if not longer.

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