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why why why...wont my DD sleep.

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HollyC255552 Mon 04-Jan-16 00:33:13

Oh my god i'm so tired! My 6 month DD sleep has rapidly gone down hill the past few weeks & its getting worse. She is constantly waking up throughout the night & is getting harder to settle once she wakes she seems to think its play time cooing & smiling away at this present moment. She does down fine about 8ish then after about 1.5/2hrs it just all goes to pot. I've tried feeding her but she is only taking an ounce or two so i dont think she is hungry. I've tried getting her into our bed which use to help but now that isnt even working she just flings her arms & legs around, rubbing her face which causes her to become wide awake. I really dont know what to do anymore. Does anyone have any advice on what might help?

Swifey Mon 04-Jan-16 00:45:36

Poor you, sleep deprivation is the worst! I have a 7 month old who wakes too, but not as much as your dd. How does she sleep in the day? If you put her down at 8, then definitely don't let her nap past 5 as she won't be tired enough for bed. Also don't let her have a massive nap in the day, as it sounds like she isn't tired at night. Is she in her own room yet? That may help. As weaning may do. Probably do t put her in your bed, that will be seen as what happens if she wakes up. Is she teething, as you said she's rubbing her face? Rubbing their faces, especially their ears is a sign of teething, maybe a dose of calpol if she is. Hope some of that helps. confused

rightguard Mon 04-Jan-16 00:51:03

Op I know how you feel. My 8mo used to sleep brilliantly, now it's a max 2 hrs. I'm working full time and I'm wrecked!! I think a lot is teething. Nelsons teething powder (aka baby crack!) and calpol seems to calm him down enough to snuggle with me and eventually drop off for a bit

HollyC255552 Mon 04-Jan-16 02:38:02

Thanks both - its awful isnt it! rightguard i dont know how your doing that, working full time & coping on so much disruptive sleep. DD has around 3 naps a day around 30-45 minutes per time. We moved her into her own room 3 nights ago, weaning hasnt taken off yet slowly doing this but she doesnt seem interested at the moment. I think she could be teething she isnt so much rubbing her ears though but would teething be doing this every day for the past few weeks? We gave her a dose of calpol tonight before bed we thought that might help but nope. We've been giving her the ashtons & parsons teething powder the past couple days they seem to help a little.

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