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14 month old bedtime routine - please share!

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soundsystem Sat 02-Jan-16 20:23:24

Just that, really!

I've been really lucky with DD in that she sleeps quite well, but this has made me reluctant to make any changes for fear of rocking the boat! She still has milk in a bottle before bed, which I'm not convinced she really needs (she eats well through the day and is happy to drink milk from a cup).

Would love to hear your routines, including what time bedtime is and what time your DC are up for the day if you feel like sharing (I feel like DD goes to bed quite early, but then we're up early for work so it works well for us for now)

Thanks smile

splendide Sat 02-Jan-16 20:56:00

Mine is 14 months! He has a breastfeed and a play/ stories after his dinner for half an hour or so then a bath at about 6.45. Then into his pjs and sleeping bag and then a small bottle in his bedroom, into his cot and is usually asleep in about 15/20 minutes. His dad or I have to stay in the room till he's asleep.

I feel a bit guilty about the bottle and a bit worried we can't leave the room! He gets up about 6 on a good day but often (maybe half the time) gets up really early (like 4.30/5!) but usually goes off again if I cuddle him.

FATEdestiny Sat 02-Jan-16 21:13:55

If you pop over to the September 2014 Postnatal Thread (and scroll to the end) we have all been discussing our daily routines over the last few days

Our children may be a month or so older, but routines are more or less the same as they were last month. There are a few different routines to look thro.

Feel free to join in. Doesn't matter if your baby isn't exactly Sept 2014, we have a number of Aug or Oct babies on there too. We are since bunch smile

soundsystem Sat 02-Jan-16 21:36:44

Ah, that makes me feel so much better - that's very similar to ours! Thanks smile

It just seems like she's a toddler all of a sudden and our routine hasn't changed much so suddenly wondered if it should have!

If your DS goes to bed later, does he sleep later in the morning? Bedtime doesn't seem to make any difference to my DD: She's usually asleep by 6.30pm and sleeps until 6.30am, but even if she goes to bed at 9/10pm (if we're on hols/out somewhere) she still wakes by 6.30am!

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