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Cosleeping with 8 month old

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polkadotpolarbear Sat 02-Jan-16 00:39:35

My 8mo lg has slept in her cot 11pm-7am since 12 wks. Recently she seems to have separation anxiety and will only settle in my bed where she will sleep for hours. My only concern is her rolling. I follow cosleeping guidlines but end up awake alot of the night stopping her from rolling onto her tummy as we have a memory foam mattress that is quite soft. How does anyone else deal with this, is it ok to tummy sleep or should i not have her in my bed at all? If it makes any difference she was a preemie with a low birth weight. Not sure whether that makes a difference but i have seen it increases risk of SIDS but unsure of what age this stops being a 'thing'?

chumbler Sat 02-Jan-16 10:36:04

Exactly the same here - rolling baby on memory foam! I did read somewhere that it isn't advised to co sleep on memory foam, I guess for that reason and because it can get really warm? Would be interested to hear how people stop their babies rolling off the side too!

FATEdestiny Sat 02-Jan-16 13:10:48

The Lullaby Trust are the established and trusted voice with regard to SIDS. I shall quote from their website:

"bed sharing with a baby of low birth weight (2.5kg or 51/2lbs or less) or a premature baby (37 weeks or less) is strongly linked to an increased risk of SIDS"

From here:

Their back to sleep page gives more detailed advise on tummy sleeping too. Does your LG roll reliably back to front and front to back yet? Once that point is reached then baby should be put to sleep on their backs but can be left to find their own position. Until then, you should roll baby back onto her back when you notice she's rolled onto her front.

JE1234 Sat 02-Jan-16 13:21:50

The issue with memory foam mattresses and cosleeping is that, as it moulds to the baby's shape it can suffocate them as it moulds to their face. I haven't seen it written anywhere but we were told it by a Tempur salesman when we asked. We do have a memory foam mattress and won't co-sleep for that reason.

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