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10 month sleep desperation

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Celia1978 Fri 01-Jan-16 10:54:15

I feel a bit lame posting this as I know it's not that bad compared to some on this board. Also really doubt anyone can help since I'm totally stumped - I think I just need to rant a bit and nobody IRL is interested!

So DS: almost 10 months, been an OK-ish sleeper. Before Christmas he was in a fine nighttime pattern of one wake-up a night for a feed then up for the day at about 6.30am. Only slight issue were naps which have always had a tendency to be short - clearly leaving him over-tired and grumpy.

Over Christmas his sleep was AMAZING. Two good naps a day, and he slept through for the first time ever on Christmas night.

Since then... not so much. He's still sleeping through but only until 5am or so (have tried leaving him, tried feeding him - he does not go back to sleep). His naps are super-short all of a sudden (45 mins absolute max - yesterday afternoon was about 25 mins) and worst of all he WILL NOT settle for his morning nap. It takes about 45 minutes of crying to persuade him to fall asleep. Altogether he's suddenly lost about 2-3 hours of sleep a day and he's absolutely miserable.

I feel pretty sorry for myself but so sorry for him. He's knackered but I don't know how to keep him asleep. Don't think he's hungry - he's a good eater of solids and still BF too. He goes down (or used to) awake too so don't think it's a sleep association thing. It's just like he's forgotten how to sleep.

What can I do? Does anybody know?! Two kids in and I'm still amazed how upsetting sleep issues can be...

Nicolal1986 Fri 01-Jan-16 15:36:40

My little girl has just turned 11 months old and we're having trouble with her sleeping. I'm 80% sure it's down to teething as she's drooling, has rosy cheeks and is biting on things through the day etc and she has no teeth yet but just wanted a bit of reassurance/alternative opinions. She has always had a bedtime routine and has slept through 7-6ish from 4 months, usually with 1 or 2 wake ups for her dummy but straight back to sleep. At 8 and a half months she was waking frequently (5/6 times a night) but again settled straight back down. I wasn't too bothered by this as I read up on the 8-10 month sleep regression and put it down to that. It lasted about a month and she was back to normal. Recently though, she now sleeps soundly from 7pm-2am then is just very unsettled and despite trying everything she just won't settle for longer than 20 mins. She then is still up at 6.30 so this is really tiring, especially on days that I'm at work. She's also reduced her naps to 2 a day so I don't think it's down to too much sleeping through the day. Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions or similar experiences. Thanks x

FATEdestiny Fri 01-Jan-16 20:18:12

Have you thought about trying a dreamfeed to see if that pushes his morning wake up a bit later?

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