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Late settling baby, early rising toddler and 'Frank' - the perfect shitstorm

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SouthernComforter Thu 31-Dec-15 06:55:18

7wo takes ages to settle in the eve. Last night was unusually angry and red-faced screeching until 1am. Normally husband and I take it in turns to go to spare room but we were both bouncing/feeding/cuddling last night. Read up on Wonder Weeks and now have the fear. 7wo also angry at 5.30 as weed on himself when changing so resulted in full clothes change. Early rising toddler has been banging about in cotbed since 5ish - probably because storm Frank is blowing a bin about in the street. He only actually got up at 6.10 though - quite good for him. Absolutely dreading inlaws arriving tomo - partly because they are difficult guests who just invite themselves and ALWAYS book flights home for days later than we agree and partly because it looks like their 6- day visit will coincide with some pretty grim nights. Happy new year indeed!

FATEdestiny Thu 31-Dec-15 22:20:28

7 week old just leave downstairs with you until you go to bed.

Get a bouncy chair for downstairs sleep and a dummy.

Hopefully you will get some extra help from your relatives while they visit you with a newborn. Take any help offered and if it is not offered ask and expect. Get as much daytime sleep as possible.

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