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grunting farmyard animal

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unimaginativename13 Wed 30-Dec-15 21:01:42

I have a 9 week old DS who sleeps a lot.

He has been in a Snuzpod from birth and we've been quite strict he goes down at 7.30 and will generally self settle.

He wakes 1/2 times for a feed . Over the last 2 weeks I've noticed how grunty and squirmy he is. It's like having a animal in the room.

I put the side of the snoozepod up but he kept hitting it so we put him in a cot bed in our room in the hope he might have a bit more space.

I'm laying here listening to the grunts, occasional yelps and wriggles.

It's sooooo loud and now added in some random crying.

He has had his jabs today so he been a bit unsettled.

Is this normal? Why did no one tell he babies are this loud!!! My DH keeps telling me to pick him up but I'm trying not to. A dummy settles him sometimes but I don't want to use them and I'm sure you can't put them in a sleeping baby.

Gillian1980 Wed 30-Dec-15 21:33:45

Babies are really noisy! Our DD makes all kinds of noises in her sleep, it can be really hard to ignore it sometime but she is absolutely fine.

Unless she cries or sounds in any way distressed I leave her to it, she either sleeps through her own noise or nods back off again.

But I always pick her up for comfort if she cries or gets upset, which is very rare.

unimaginativename13 Wed 30-Dec-15 22:23:02

Just did another feed and a dirty nappy. After I changed him I picked him up and he brought up wind which sounded like a man who had drunk 10 pints and a cat with a hair ball. I screamed and nearly threw him back down, it woke my DH up too. Hopefully that's settled him a bit better for tonight now.

angelicjen Wed 30-Dec-15 22:53:37

One sometimes screams or giggles. I had no idea he'd be that noisy either. Sometimes I lie awake with my husband one side of me, baby on the other, both grunting, snoring, wriggling and farting and I want to cry sad

Gillian1980 Wed 30-Dec-15 22:56:49

The other night our DD was doing so many outrageous farts in her sleep, she was fast asleep and totally undisturbed by it!

Me and dh on the other hand were in fits of giggles about it (how can such a tiny person do such huge farts?!) That we were worried we'd wake her up!

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