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Bedtime routine for 5yo, 2.5yo & 12wk old...

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BusyCee Tue 29-Dec-15 20:27:26

Evening All. Any thoughts on how I could do this? Currently the older two go to bed at 7 and the baby sleeps on us. But it's clear she needs more routine and I need my hands back.

The eldest two share bunk beds. But they bugger about at bedtime so for the last 12wks or so the eldest has gone to sleep in our bed and then transferred to his bunk later. The baby still in a Moses in our room

My plan is;
6pm bath baby, jimjams
615pm bath boys, jimjams and teeth
630pm joint story time
645pm the boys can read quietly, dim light on. Baby goes down in Moses in our room
715pm...or once I've got her down, bedtime for the boys.

What do you think? Any suggestions or good tips?

Jw35 Tue 29-Dec-15 20:30:11

Mm I think I'd do baby last, get the boys in bath at 6.30, then bath baby straight after, do teeth together, boys story in their room then feed baby and put to bed? Perhaps a morning bath for the baby might be easier? You want to crack down on the 5yo sleeping in your bed, that's got to be a hassle! Good luck x

FATEdestiny Tue 29-Dec-15 21:48:23

I'd be keeping baby downstairs until I go to bed for at least a couple more months yet.

Jw35 Tue 29-Dec-15 22:54:40

12 weeks is 3 months though? My dd went in her cot at 3 months in her own room!

FATEdestiny Tue 29-Dec-15 23:19:04

SIDs recommendations say baby stays with parents until at least 6 months old.

Much does depend on how fractious baby is during the evening. Once we got to the point where there were no more wake ups between 7pm and when I went to bed, then I started putting baby 'to bed' upstairs at bedtime. The cot would be in my room though, until at least 6 months as per recommendations.

Cluster feeding generally meant that was around 5-6 months old with my four children. Until then, they napped and fed downstairs until I took baby up with me at my bedtime.

Etak15 Tue 29-Dec-15 23:44:02

With my 4 the baby has just tagged along with the rest of us, when number 3 came along baths weren't daily anymore! and the days when they do have a bath/shower we tend to do it at other times rather than just before bed, maybe after tea if the baby having a nap, or shower in the morning instead (on a non schoo day) and the baby n toddler I will bath while the other two at school. We go upstairs at 7 the older 2 will take in turns to read to me, or I read to them if they don't feel like it! When younger the baby was usually just feeding away (now he toddles about!) and the toddler listening to the stories etc, then everyone Into there own rooms, then I have to get into dd3's bed (it's a double) with her and baby we might have another story and I wait with her till she goes to sleep (doesn't take long) the baby feeds to sleep then I sneak out transfer the baby into our bedroom and then run downstairs for a few hours of freedom!! (When baby was smaller would take him back down with me probs till 5 months ish?) well that's my long winded story! Don't know if there's any tips to be had from it - probs not! It works for us though.

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