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Next2me sleeping crib

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JulieC1981 Tue 29-Dec-15 04:53:03

I'm thinking about buying one of these -

I have read mixed reviews about the pros and cons and safety of the them.
I was just looking to see if anyone had any experience of using these or had any opinions on them.

Also I think you can only use the monitor pads underneath the mattress when it is used free standing with the sides up, rather than when you are using it next to your bed. Any advice on this would be great.

Thank you

kbro79 Tue 29-Dec-15 14:33:49

We have one and I love it. DS is not a good sleeper at the mo (4 month regression) so being able to lie in bed and hold a hand or hunt the dummy is so much better than getting up. I think you are right about the monitors but as they are so close to you, you really won't need them. We've never used. It's also really big so they don't grow out of it. The other next to me cribs we looked at were tiny and am sure DS would have been too big for them now.

As for safety, it's like anything, follow instructions and they will be fine.

FATEdestiny Tue 29-Dec-15 15:49:09

IME (four children in co-sleepers) the ultimate answer is to use a 3 sided full sized cot from birth.

I would buy a standard drop-side cotbed. Drop-side cot if not a cotbed, but the cotbeds are bigger and also more longevity since you'll get 3 or 4 years use out of it.

From birth remove the dropside off the cot completely (easily done with an allen key) and wedge it up to your bed. Initially from newborn this gives you a really big space to cuddle into from your bed. With baby in a sleeping bag and at eye level with you, you just need roll over to deal with baby. You can even cuddle right into the cot (lots of space in a full sized cotbed) and breastfeed lying down without moving baby at all. Or scoot baby over into your bed to feed, then scoot baby back when done - all without sitting up.

Once baby is not newborn and might start rolling (4 months ish) you can introduced a rolled-up towel in the boundary between your bed and cot. This introduces the idea of separate space, while still being easy for you to lean over to deal with baby.

This is likely to be the approximate age a child grows out of a crib.

Once baby starts actively rolling (5-6 months ish) then put the side of the cot back on, but keep it dropped down. This produces a barrier of about 10-15 cm (depends on the height of your mattress), but also means you can easily lean an arm over to reinsert dummy shush or pat baby back to sleep if they wake. I would do with without even opening my eyes, certainly without even sitting up.

Once baby is starting to pull up onto all-fours and pull up to a sitting position (7-8 months ish), it's then time to lower the cot mattress, but I keep the crop side lowered so make it easier for me to down to floor level to settle baby - all with me still lying in bed.

Once pulling to standing, that's when I revert to 'proper cot' with all four sides on, dropside raised and mattress lowered. That is when you can then start introducing some space between your bed and cot - so baby learns to sleep without you close. Just a few cm away at first. Then move the cot further and further away until the move is made to baby in the cot in own room. For us, that was generally about 9 months old, once sleeping through consistently.

So, all my rambling aside...

I love the idea behind the crib you link to. It's not a new idea (I've been parenting for over 11 years and have always used a co-sleeper). But IMO it is not quite the product needed to be prefect as a co-sleeper bedside sleeping option.

kbro79 Tue 29-Dec-15 16:27:45

Yes that's true. Pre baby I didn't realise you could do that with a normal cot.
Sorry at the risk of slightly high jacking this thread Fate would you really not put them in their own room till 9 months? I am in no rush to move DS (nearly 5 months) but everyone keeps telling me if I don't do now / soon he will be in our room till he's a teenager.

FATEdestiny Tue 29-Dec-15 16:56:40

It comes down to when they are reliably sleeping through because I value my own sleep far too much to be getting up and going to another room in the middle of the night.

DC1 and DC2 were sleeping through reliably from about 9 months old. DC3 was sleeping through from 7 week (oh yes!) but stayed in our room until 6m because of SIDs risk. DC4 has been babied somewhat (precious last born) and she stayed until 12 months, but could have gone into her own room earlier.

You are likely to have an issue getting baby into their own room if co-sleeping because baby is used to the physical closeness of cuddling into Mum and not being separate.

However I have not co-slept with any of mine, they have always slept in their own cot and I have done all settling in their own cot rather than picking up or bringing into my bed. I take the side off the cot to make it easier to do this.

Therefore no issues in moving into own room because it's done gradually, steadily increasing independent sleeping:

- start off cuddled into Mum (as needed) while in cot
- Rolled towel barrier
- Side up, but lowered
- Mattress lowered so not eye-to-eye with Mum anymore
- Side fully up
- Cot a few cm from Mums bed
- Cot a meter away from Mum
- Cot at the 'foot end' of the bed, no longer at the 'head end' of the bed
- Cot across ways at end of Mum & Dads bed
- Cot over near the door to Mum & Dads room
- Then finally the move of the cot into childs own room.

The idea is that there are no significant changes in this. No change from crib/moses basket to big cot. No transition from co-sleeping to sleeping alone. It's just a slow, steady set of tiny changes with the aim of reaching the end-point whenever baby is ready.

JulieC1981 Tue 29-Dec-15 17:04:22

Thank you, this is such good advice and much appreciated :-)

kbro79 Wed 30-Dec-15 11:55:40

Thanks Fate. Great advice. We currently don't have room for cot in our room but actually thinking we could move furniture in baby room for now. Didn't seem worth it for only few weeks but if we take a more gradual approach then more than worth the effort.

Best wishes for your baby Julie.

angelicjen Wed 30-Dec-15 22:57:05

I've got one and I love it. It was difficult at first as I had an emergency c section and it made getting in and out of bed even harder. But it's fab for making the zillion night feeds easier. And it's a good size. It's also been easy to take on holiday.

mrsmeerkat Wed 30-Dec-15 23:00:50

The ikea cot (side removed) was amazing 2 c sections here

IndomitabIe Wed 30-Dec-15 23:15:02

Great advice from FATE, but there's no way we could fit a proper cot bed in our room! and DS is still currently using it Though DS didn't sleep through till he was 2, and I can't share my room for that long!

We're getting the SnuzPod - it seems better than the Chicco one. Haven't seen a bad review.

I did think about doing the ikea crib conversion, but...

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