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12 month old hysterical at night

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cooperbug Mon 28-Dec-15 20:39:39


DS has just turned one and for the past few weeks he has become hysterical at night when put in the cot to sleep. He previously used to self settle with his dummy but now cries as soon as we put him in and won't take his dummy. Have tried leaving him for up to five minutes but he gets more hysterical. When me or my husband go back in he eventually calms down when picked up and will fall asleep on us but when placed back in the cot wakes up and starts again. Can't take an hour or more to get him to sleep.

He doesn't sleep in the cot during the day for his nap, he is taken out for a walk in his pram so sleeps in there. When I go in the shower in the morning he will go in the cot sitting upright surrounded by toys and play for 10 minutes quite happily.

I think this has coincided with him starting nursery a few weeks ago for his settling in sessions (starts full days next week when I go back to work) but can't do anything about this!

Any advice, please help?

FATEdestiny Tue 29-Dec-15 15:15:08

Nurseries are good at sorting out daytime napping. It may take a few weeks, but once nursery have sorted his sleeping in the daytime it should go a long way to help his night time sleep.

This does all sound like over-tiredness and could be solves with more daytime sleep. Now your DS is older and moving towards a single 2-3h lunchtime nap - it is probably time to start establishing that as being in the cot. It will be more restful that way.

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