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Self settle, sleep & tiredness. All tips/advice welcome...

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HollyC255552 Sun 27-Dec-15 22:19:06

Right...this probably been asked a thousand times - so apologies now!

I want to teach my 6 month DD to self settle for naps/bedtime without using CC or CIO in her cot. She is currently in our room in her crib at the moment but we are planning on doing the big move to her cot & her own room this week. She has never been a great sleeper but for the past 4 weeks her sleeping has gone really down hill she has been waking a hell of lot in her crib which she did do before but only for dummy to be reinserted - she'd then go straight back off with no problem. However, now this doesnt seem to work. She goes to bed between 7:30/8:00 being rocked in my arms & when put down at that time she is fine after about an hour or so she wakes which i manage to send her back off with a gentle rub on her tummy & some sshing this can happen once or twice before i come up to bed. It then it gets to about 1/2am (sometimes earlier) & she will then grizzle, wake herself up fully by throwing her arms & legs about until i pick her up & soothe her - this then turns into me 'trying' to rock her back to sleep which i think i have successfully done so after 20 minutes (around about) i try to put her back down in her crib & she then becomes wide awake so i do the above again for a couple more times which doesnt work so in the end i end up putting her in our bed as i'm so tired where she seems to settle a lot better - she still wiggles, fidgets & flails her arms & legs but with me rubbing her tummy she goes back off fine pretty quickly. This is really tiring me out & its not helping she is starting to rise for the day at 5am. confused


Does anyone have any ideas as to why she might of started this? Or can give me some tips how to teach her to self settle?

Sorry for the long post! Thanks!

P.s - naps in the day are currently in her bouncy chair or in my arms which i want to tackle too.

Touchacat Sun 27-Dec-15 23:19:55

Do you feed her at all in the night? Even if she slept through previously, she might be having a growth spurt so maybe a feed at the 1am ish wake up would help.
Teething might be the cause of the wake ups. Or coldness maybe? I find my DD needs an extra layer than the grobag recommendation. Once we discovered this, our night wake ups reduced dramatically!

FATEdestiny Mon 28-Dec-15 09:56:19

I would agree with pp that it sounds like she wants a night feed. You might get a settled night then.

Also be sure to maintain the same amount if milk as baby was having in the daytime before weaning, possibly even increasing milk intake. Solids should be inaddition to milk feeds, not instead of. Early weaning foods have far fewer calories than milk so should not replace milk.

HollyC255552 Mon 28-Dec-15 10:31:54

Thanks both..she stopped having a night feed ages ago but she could well be hungry
/having a growth spurt - so i will try that tonight.

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