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Alcohol and co sleeper cot

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BalaRua Sun 27-Dec-15 19:42:23

Hi all

Ds 7 months sleeps inside a sleepy head in a sidecar cot attached to our bed. There's no risk of him rolling over and into our bed as he wouldn't be able to roll over the side of the sleepy head and I can't roll onto him for the same reason.

I know you can't co sleep and drink alcohol. I wanted to have 1 blue wkd (1.1 units) this evening. It'd be a couple of hours before bed. I'm not sure if our sidecar arrangement counts as co sleeping.

Could someone please advise?

Thank you!

FATEdestiny Sun 27-Dec-15 20:14:02

I'm sure you'll be fine with 1 unit. Enjoy yourself!

BalaRua Sun 27-Dec-15 20:29:13

Thank you. First time mum panic smile

CheeseCakeofDreams Mon 28-Dec-15 09:12:14

I had a half a bottle of champers of Xmas day (spread out over the whole day) and DD went to bed in the Suuzpod at night. It's fine. It doesn't count as co-sleeping as they're in their own space. I think the risk from booze is that it knocks you out into a deep sleep, so you aren't as aware of your baby and are more likely to roll onto them. This isn't possible if the baby is in a side sleeping crib.

BalaRua Mon 28-Dec-15 17:47:10

Thanks cheese, I did think that he had his own space so it didn't count but didn't want to take a chance! Incidentally he slept through the night last night.

BalaRua Mon 28-Dec-15 17:48:54

Should say for the first time ever

CheeseCakeofDreams Mon 28-Dec-15 18:29:20

Awesome, what a nice Christmas present for you fsmile

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