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Ok how do i do this?

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sprite25 Sun 27-Dec-15 08:46:03

How it is: DD (2) has a bedtime routine, goes to bed at 7 with comforter and dummy. We'll say goodnight and leave the room, she will fall asleep alone BUT will wake up around half 9/10 and will only settle in out bed where she stays til the morning.
The plan: I will make a simple picture book of DD going to bed, staying there, and getting a visit from the 'sleep fairy' who will leave a little treat for her staying in her own bed (stickers or something)
The problem: we're stuck in a one bedroom flat so it's not as easy as repeatedly taking her to her own room til she accepts it, also she seems to be in a habit of constantly waking in the night wanting a drink.
Advice, tips, HELP very much appreciated

FATEdestiny Sun 27-Dec-15 14:56:05

I would just bite the bullet and do it. No more drinks at night. Assuming she drinks enough in the daytime there is no reason for her to be dehydrated at night.

Is her bed in your room? Just keep putting her back in bed over and over again. Stop letting her get in bed with you and enforce the new 'own bed only' rules consistently. She will soon get it

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