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BabyBobbins32 Sat 26-Dec-15 23:13:36

Hi, I'm hoping for some advice....I think I need to sleep train my 6.5 month old but not sure if this is necessary or the right time. She used to be great sleeper up until 4months when she hit the 4 month regression hard, waking every 1-3 hours...I rocked her back to sleep for all bar 11pm and 3am where I fed her (she was ebf at the time) when I then started weaning her she dropped the 11pm herself and the 3am moved to 4am and occasionally even that wasn't needed...I thought we had it sussed! In the last few weeks she has started waking more though (1-4hours) and won't settle for me at all husband started just going in hand on her chest and shushing her back to sleep which seemed to work well (although in the past few days even that has been hit and miss!) I still usually only feed her once at night (at what time can vary) but all my friends tell me how their babies sleep through the night so I feel I must be doing something wrong or I just need to sleep train my little one? She is only on 2 meals at the moment so I don't know if I should wait until she is on 3?! Weaning got off to a bit of a slow start (not wanting to eat, milk protein allergy and sometimes a bit constipated) but she seems to be doing well now I thought I'd move to 3 meals when she is 7 months. She is breastfed but thinking of introducing bottle (although difficult with allergy and doesn't like bottle!). She also seems to be constantly in pain with teeth but this is hard to tell, she's more grizzly in day recently (but that could be because she's so tired) and she is always chewing on lips, tongue, hands, anything she can get her hands on...but she's always been a bit like that. She sometimes gets the pink cheek so I know for sure but other times just seems really irritated. Her day sleep is also hit and miss...she usually has 2 45 mins naps and 1 1.5hr nap although in the past week this has been more like 3 30min naps. She seems tired all the time but won't take more than the 3 naps. She goes to bed at around 6.30pm and wakes for the day at 7am (when wakes for day doesn't cry, is very happy and just plays in for, only at night she cries/screams). Do I wait until she is on 3 meals? Do I wait to see if she is teething and things get better when tooth comes through? (she already has 2 and they were relatively ok when came through)....I know sleep training will involve some crying so don't want to let her cry if in pain?! Should I cut all night feeds, is that just confusing her?! She settles better with daddy than me so should he sleep train or should I or should we both? Any good methods (minimal crying) people can suggest...we were thinking the hand on chest shushing and then gradually doing less, retreating, shushing from door?! Just one last thing, she settles herself to sleep for all her naps and bedtime so I know she can do it, and as I said a few weeks ago she was sleeping for much longer (c8hrs min) Sorry for the long post am just so in need of sleep and hate to see my baby so tired! Thank u!

BabyBobbins32 Sun 27-Dec-15 09:12:28

Would really appreciate any advice from people on this....had an absolutely awful night just want to cry! Thanks

soundsystem Sun 27-Dec-15 09:22:39

Sounds like she's got a lot going on with teething and weaning! If she can self settle for naps I would be inclined not to worry about sleep training at the moment - if you know she can self settle I'd think it's something else that's bothering her when she wakes up, e.g hunger or teething pain.

If I remember correctly, I think it's quite common to have more night feeds for a while around that age as there's so much going on during the day. I also don't know any breastfed babies that have consistently slept through the night at that age (I sure there are some, but I've never met them!) so I wouldn't worry overly much about that. Do you do a drew feed before you go to bed? If not, that might be worth a shot?

soundsystem Sun 27-Dec-15 11:09:04

Sorry, dream feed, not drew feed

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