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Do you change your baby in the night?

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SouthernComforter Sat 26-Dec-15 07:55:23

DS2 (6 weeks) gave the the much needed gift of sleep last night, going from 11-3.30 and 4.20 until now (DS1 is awake now and no one but the baby can sleep through that cacophony). I didn't change DS2 when he woke to feed last night - should I have done? He fired out a few before bed so didn't poo overnight (otherwise I would have changed him obvs) but I labour under the impression that you're meant to change small babies every few hours. Is that right?

Iamnotloobrushphobic Sat 26-Dec-15 07:59:17

I change my baby when he wakes for a feed during the night. I change him before feeding so if he falls asleep feeding I can put him down knowing he already has a dry nappy on.
I couldn't not change him because he would otherwise be more wet than necessary and I don't want him leaking through or getting nappy rash

poocatcherchampion Sat 26-Dec-15 08:00:47

Not unless I can smell poo or feel wee

poocatcherchampion Sat 26-Dec-15 08:01:08

6 weeks was about the time I stopped doing it routinely

StopShoutingAtYourBrother Sat 26-Dec-15 08:02:13

Disposable nappies are able to last 12 hours so unless baby has poo'd I never changed the nappy at night. It was changed only before going to bed and then first thing in the morning

BikeRunSki Sat 26-Dec-15 08:03:43

I never did if they were only wet. I used cloth nappies during the day, and Bambo eco nappies at night. They are not cheap, but super, super absorbent and lasted all night.

SouthernComforter Sat 26-Dec-15 08:10:10

Thank you. I have routinely changed him until now but since he's suddenly sleeping quite well and has no nappy rash I don't want to rouse him more than necessary. If I change him and he gets whingy it can take another half hour to settle him. Now I'll start another sleep about DS1 and night potty training...

Buttercup27 Sat 26-Dec-15 08:20:59

We always did, but it was to give us something to do whilst the kettle boiled Md bottle cooled down. It gave us sort of a routine.

90sforever Sat 26-Dec-15 08:22:40

Only if it was bothering them. If they slept through it never. They were BF on demand though so snacked a lot and wouldn't necessarily poo after a big feed

EasterRobin Sat 26-Dec-15 08:32:23

I always did it before her 2am feed and it would wake her a bit, she would feed better from being awake, and when she fell asleep on the boob I could put her down happily knowing she had an empty-ish nappy. We had a nice routine that worked.

DH has been doing nights since 10 months though and gets annoyed if I change her. She cares not for his proffered bottles/cups of milk and is old enough to not need a night feed anyway so there is no benefit to waking her more. He finds her very difficult to resettle, so the less disturbance the better. Pampers Stay Dry nappies worked a treat for a while.

ArcticCactus Sat 26-Dec-15 20:56:35

Sometimes. I can tell when he's uncomfy with the nappy by the way he wriggles so if he is I'll change. He's mainly stopped pooing at night but still wees prolifically and has overflowed a few nappies.
I play it by ear really but I don't routinely change every time he feeds in the night.

Nottalotta Sun 27-Dec-15 08:10:31

I did until about 3.5 - 4 months as was getting leaks otherwise. I do a night feed at about 10pm and change then, then anytime between 4+6 am i Will change again. Its getting closer to 6 most days now. He's 5 months. I have found the Tesco purple pack Nappiesto be fabulous.

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