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How can I cope on so little sleep?!

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Lozzerelli23 Sat 26-Dec-15 00:31:23

DD is 11 weeks old and breastfed. The last fortnight has been waking every 1-2 hours at night. She currently is in co sleeping crib in our room. This is after we have tried her in Moses basket in our room and cot in her own room. Prior to this she would sleep between 4 and 8 hours at the beginning of night which I know is fab for such a small ebf baby but it's suddenly changed to only one or two hours and I feel like I'm going crazy on lack of sleep. Once she has woken up once in the night I'm really struggling to get back to sleep as I just know she is going to wake again soon. It's making me depressed, angry irritable and I feel so trapped and like I can't escape.

She is swaddled in the night as she just thrashes around and she seems so unsettled but swaddling doesn't seem to help much anymore.

Daytime naps are also awful so I can't sleep then. She won't sleep in crib, cot or anywhere that isn't moving or on me. So I can't sleep when she sleeps.

I would love DH to give her a bottle to give me a break in the eve but no matter what we try she won't take a bottle.

I'm getting at the most 3 hours sleep a day, arguing with my husband all the time because I feel like he's not doing enough to help (even though she won't settle with him so it's not his fault really) I just feel like I'm going delirious from lack of sleep and end up crying all the time! Please tell me it gets better, I'm not sure how much more I can take

doleritedinosaur Sat 26-Dec-15 00:38:17

My baby had this & tbh what I did was just stop trying to do things for a bit.

If we had no where to be the next day like appointments/baby groups (they kept me sane) I did not get out of bed before 10am at the earliest.
I tried a routine, it failed so when we had a bad night we had a lazy day the next day.
I just went to bed at 7pm & got up when I needed to the next day, it meant the 3 hours went to about 8 although not unbroken 8 hours.

I never made morning appointments for anything & just take it easy. It does pass & they go longer, this is probably related to the 4 month regression but it will pass!

I also did the tired wars, who was more tired etc but honestly keep going & due to no bottles just make it work for you so you're maximising what sleep you are getting.

pregnantgrump Sat 26-Dec-15 17:41:00

Mine was like this. It does pass. Agree with pp re taking it easy and no plans in the morning. We ended up buying a small cot that fitted in our bedroom as whacking his hands against the snuzpod sides was an issue and he was too young to move out. That helped. I downloaded loads of books on my iPad and just spent his naps reading propped up on pillows in bed. This was good as it was a rest even if I didn't sleep. I also made sure I ate three solid meals a day and a snack at 4 as felt worse if hungry. Good luck. It really does get better.

deuscat Sat 26-Dec-15 19:04:40

Could be a growth spurt. This too shall pass.

Jemzy12345 Sat 26-Dec-15 19:30:15

Our baby was swaddled until 8 weeks. He then kept getting out of it and I was worried the blanket although breathable would go over face so changed to a sleep bag and ever since has been sleeping 7.30pm till 7ish in the morning. We bottle feed though. We bath, change and then feed, keep up half hour then put in sleep bag, put white noise on, rock him to sleep in our arms and soon as asleep, we put him in crib, rock the crib 3-4 times and leave the room, room is pitch black and we don't hear a peep till the morning. White noise def helps until he is in deep sleep, there is 90 min one on you tube and once it finishes we leave it off, turning it on only if he stirs in the night.

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