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Tips for early waking? Especially hard at this busy time of year....

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feelinginthedark Wed 23-Dec-15 12:07:47

DD2 is 7.5 months, has never been a wonderful sleeper but (after stopping breastfeeding for various reasons, including the crappy nights) is now sleeping 7 - ...was 6.30am, but this is creeping steadily backwards, and was 5am today. When she wakes I give her a 4oz bottle, she is clearly still tired but will not go back to sleep for at least an hour, I leave her to chat to herself in the cot for the hour, rock her a bit to get her drowsy, and she goes back to sleep until we get up a bit after 7 and she wakes up. She will have a nap around 9, which can be anything from 30 to 90 minutes, at 12.30, usually 1-2 hours, and usually a catnap on the go around 4.30. Bottle, bath and in bed at 7. Puts herself to sleep at all times except this bloody early morning time when she just seems wired. I feel like I'm missing a trick and there's something I need to tweak in her routine - any ideas?! As everyone knows, early bedtime for me is not realistic at this time of year! Thanks in advance!

FATEdestiny Wed 23-Dec-15 15:33:48

Daytime naps look a bit short. My 15 month old sleeps more than that (she sleeps 9.30-11.00 then 13.00-15.00, then 12 hours straight through at night). So I wonder if trying to lengthen daytime naps would help? On the basis that good sleep promotes better sleep.

Other ideas, have you tried a dream feed? It might be that hunger is just starting to make her tummy rumble in the early morning, so filling her tummy just before you go to bed might help.

Also, babies are all different but my DD absolutely hates a nappy full of wee. She doesn't mind when up and about, but must find it uncomfortable when lying down. So needing a nappy change can be a cause for her waking sometimes.

Therefore you could try a nappy change with the dream feed, see if this helps. Also move onto pampers baby dry at night, the most absorbent nappies I've found.

Lacey2015 Thu 07-Jan-16 20:40:25

I had/still at times have this issue I tried a bigger nappy which helps absorb more. I fiddled with DDs naps and timings but doesn't seem to make a huge change. At this age about 14-15 hours sleep is normal. My dd takes a nap around 930 and then 1ish some days it's an hour other days 1.5 hours. I don't think you can really extend their naps I've tried many things! I leave me DD until 7am and I hear her at 530am chattering, however she has started nodding off around 6 until 7am. I just ignore her if she wakes any earlier than 630am I think it's working finally!! Also make sure they are eating2/3 meals a day with veg and a mix of protein and carbs. I also think some babies go through phases of this... Their little brains are just so active so once they wake early that's it sometimes 😖

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