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Co sleep to cot transition

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Nottalotta Wed 23-Dec-15 08:29:29

Ds is 5mo. Co slept to some extent from birth but used to start the night in the Moses basket. Had frequent wake ups and wouldn't settle back in the basket after 1/2am. Wake ups got gradually more and more frequent and he was getting big for the basket so have fully co slept since 7/8 weeks.

I have no problems with co sleeping btw but now he is getting mobile he will need to stat the night in the cot . I am wondering if anyone can offer advice.

Currently he is ebf , had a feed at bedtime 5.30/6pm. Then wakes when i go to bed around 9/10pm. But then can feed as and when through the night without having to properly wake and without me having to get up! Wondering what effect putting him in the cot will have. I am happy to put him in at 10pm after he has fed (usually back to sleep) butwonder if je will settle and if i will cause a problem by just taking him.into bed with me when he wakes for a feed.

Will he wake more/properly? Or maybe even less because he's not in close proximity to the milk supply.

Cot is at the foot of the bed.

FATEdestiny Wed 23-Dec-15 16:01:11

You can't know until you try! Some babies have their sleep disturbed by cosleeping so sleep better when in their own space. Others settle much more easily when snuggled into mum, so wake more fully and more frequently when transitioned into the cot.

I would recommend a sidecar cot as an interim for the transition. A sidecar cot just means removing one side off your cot and butting it up to your side of the bed. This means you can scoot baby over to you for a feed/snuggle then scoot back into cot when done, all without sitting up yourself.

Nottalotta Wed 23-Dec-15 18:28:18

Thanks Fate. As i was typing i thought that, I will just have to try and see. Just wondered what others experiences have been.

I can't do sidecar, we have a cot bed and its pretty big so won't fit. Well it will but I won't be able to get in my wardrobe.

GoldPlatedBacon Wed 23-Dec-15 18:36:31

I stopped Co sleeping at 3 months. Crib is at side of bed but at the end so the poor thing sleeps next to my feet(!)

I bring her into bed for a feed, both of us lying down. She'll almost always fall asleep when feeding so I pick her up and place her back in the crib. She'll usually wake but then settle after a few minutes. Very rarely is it a problem and if it is its usually around 5/6 am in which case I just leave her in bed with me as we get up at 8 so it's not worth the hassle of trying to settle her then in the crib.

Personally I've found one we stopped Co se that she began sleeping longer but I think it's because I kept waking to check on her (in case I smothered her) and in turn woke her up.

I do however appreciate this may be luck.

Elllicam Wed 23-Dec-15 18:38:19

Watching as we are hoping to transition 17 month old soon.

fluffikins Wed 23-Dec-15 20:22:02

The No cry sleep solution book has a section on this with a range of different ways of doing it.

FreeButtonBee Wed 23-Dec-15 20:27:25

Start with naps? That's what I did. Less of an issue if it doesn't work as you have another go later on.

louise987 Thu 24-Dec-15 07:13:28

Give it a go, you may be surprised. My little one took to the cot without batting an eye and I wondered why i had got so anxious about the transition.

I think they sometimes love the extra space and less 'distraction' of having you quite so close so they sleep amazingly well.

Best of luck!

SparklyTinselTits Thu 24-Dec-15 07:20:24

Get yourself one of their Chicco next to me cribs - made the transition so much easier for us! We attached it to our bed at first, the. A few weeks later, left it very close, but put the fourth side up. Then gradually moved it further away until it was in her room. Then one day just popped her in the big cot, and she's had no problems since (other than teething, illness etc)

ArcticCactus Fri 25-Dec-15 20:12:40

I feed him in bed about 8pm (he is 12 weeks.) he's usually dropped off by nine. I go down stairs for an hour or so leaving him in his grobag in our bed with covers and pillows well out of the way.
I go to bed 11 ish and just move him into the cot. Sometimes he wakes but I rock him back down (glider cot, fab motion.)

If he grizzled at night I rock him s bit. If he's still grizzly after ten mins I feed/change and once he's fed he drops off again. We usually get a couple of your hour stretches.

He barely sleeps in the day though!

Just try the cot. Ds hated it the first few times so persevere. I put him in it just got a couple of minutes several times over a few days and transferred him asleep so he woke up there. He seems fine in it now, although hell outgrow it soon!

trilbydoll Fri 25-Dec-15 20:23:54

I feed dd2 and put her in the cot to fall asleep. Sleep consultants and health visitors will tell you this is the answer to them transitioning through sleep cycles as nothing changes between her going to sleep and then stirring during the night. Unfortunately that's bollocks, she wakes every 1-2 hours regardless.

At the moment, I'm feeding her then putting her back in the cot until I have gone to bed. The first time she wakes me I bring her in. I'm now going to start putting her back in the cot that first time and bring her in the second time. Hoping to eventually get to the point where there isn't a third time!

She's 7m. DD1 is 2y7m and tends to wake once to come in with us. Not always. Eventually I'm sure we will have our bed to ourselves for a full night!

Nottalotta Sun 27-Dec-15 08:04:10

Thanks everyone. We finally got the cot sorted yesterday so we started last night. Went to bed 6.30ish. Fed to sleep, waited 15 minutes, put in cot. All fine. Slept til about 9.30 - would usually be 4 hrs but bloody husband was being a pita in the bedroom and ds woke. Happy change and fed and put back in cot around 10.15. Woke at 11.30. This is unusual but i think its the issue where if he stirs next to me he settles quickly whereas because he was on his own he woke up. I fed him again and put him back til 1.50 when he woke and i took him into bed with me. Nite too bad.

He is not keen on being put down for naps so going to leave that for now. Will put in cot as player though. Also has only ever fallen asleep of his own accord once!

I think i Will order no cry sleep solution though.

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