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Sleep-wind-constipation-pooing etc in a small baby

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SouthernComforter Mon 21-Dec-15 06:53:30

My baby is 6 weeks and spends a lot of time making noises that sound like grunting and straining. He's been doing it since 4.30 this morning, without really waking up. He's also difficult to settle and almost impossible to burp, even if I sit for 20 minutes rubbing, circling him, putting him across my knees. If he doesn't burp he sicks a bit when I put him down. He's pooing once or twice a day, leading up to it with loads of farts and a red face. My HV says bf babies can't get constipated but he's clearly in some discomfort and it's affecting his sleep and ours. How can I get the wind up?? I'm using infacol to no real effect. My first DS was (is still) a prolific pooer and burper so I'm at a loss. Any failsafe tips??

CinnamonBunYou Mon 21-Dec-15 07:55:45

Are you sure it isn't a bit of reflux? How often is he sick? My DD used to make awful grunting noises and pull faces because she had reflux and I thought it was wind at first. She was sick a lot though, not just if I didn't wind her (when I could actually wind her - she was a nightmare at getting her wind up). She also got really constipated because of the special milk I gave her (which didn't work anyway) and she used to go days without a poo and them scream in pain when she was having one and it would be like a big lump of clay in her nappy. HV advised to give her an oz of water once a day and give her a tummy massage to get things going and it always worked for her

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