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Settling/transferring to sleep pod - how??

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WooLulu Fri 18-Dec-15 04:11:29

DS is 6 weeks old. He's not a bad sleeper (night+day overall ) but settling him at night is so hard! He'll doze on the breast or or on my chest or my husband will bounce him on the birth ball, only for him to gripe around and wake up when transferred to his sleepyhead (which is in my bed).

Tonight on this wake up he's had enough boob, got a clean nappy, had a couple of good burps and fed /cuddled to sleep twice. As soon as I lay him down his eyes open and he makes grunty gripey noises. This wake up has taken over an hour.

Any tips on settling? For the last two nights I've ended up with him on his side on the bed next to me (less gripey grunting) or on my chest.

Jemzy12345 Fri 18-Dec-15 16:33:39

Sounds like he has trapped wind. Sure all his burps are out ? Bounce him on your knees, if he sounds like a water bottle ( not sure how else to describe it) he still has air inside. As soon as the noise has gone he has no more wind and will hopefully settle.

sophiaslullaby Sun 20-Dec-15 04:16:15

When you feed him hold a blanket ( I'm using a thin cellulose blanket) under him. Then when ready to put him down transfer him to wherever he's going to sleep with the blanket still under him -it'll be warm and they'll be no change of feeling underneath to wake him up in a shock. Worth a try, it's what I'm doing now and works 70-80% of the time.

SouthernComforter Sun 20-Dec-15 11:27:59

I'm sure it's trapped wind. Just don't know how to get it out when he sometimes doesn't burp for 20 mins. His poos are also quite explosive.

Will try both of the above, thanks.

Jemzy12345 Sun 20-Dec-15 13:45:11

Bounce him while he sat on your knees, pat and rub his back or put over your shoulder. Just make sure air bubble is out. Bounce him on knees while moving him forward back and side to side sometimes that helps to get a stubborn burp out.

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