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2.5 yr old started waking multiple times in night help!

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lyssie29 Thu 17-Dec-15 07:25:33

Hi my dd has started to wake up shouting for one of us to go into her all night long. She's just got over a cold and her little sister (9weeks) has bronchiolitis. Do they have a regression at this age? How can I stop her from doing it? She shouts through for us to go to her and when we go she wants me to sing to her or says she has a pain or can't find her teddy etc etc anything really.

littlecupcake Mon 21-Dec-15 07:34:32

Sorry, I don't have any answers but you're not alone. I have a 2y 4m DS who keeps waking several times a night and has done for the last few months. He comes into our room and stands quietly by the side of our bed until one of us wakes up. We return him to bed without talking, he gets in and goes straight back to sleep. Sometimes this happens once a night, other nights it can happen more - last night I got up 4 times with him, then he's awake again at 6. I am exhausted. He doesn't always have an afternoon nap but he still really needs one. I'm so desperate I've booked to go on a sleep workshop at the end of January. Hoping someone can help both of us.

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