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22 weeks old and night time wakings

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Kaz4755 Wed 16-Dec-15 08:26:50


We have struggled massively with our little one's sleep. I feel like we are making some progress but comments from others make me feel like our dd should be sleeping through but I think she is still so small so don't really know whether I should be trying to drop any night feeds or not. We have gone from waking every hour and me feeding her back to sleep to her waking at midnight-ish and then 4.30ish. We struggle massively to encourage her back to sleep at 4.30am and sometime she does and some times she doesn't want to. Would you say we are on target for her age or should I be trying to encourage some gentle sleep training to stop the night wakings and early starts? Thank you in advance. Oh we use a dummy if that's relevant. I have been advised to ditch the dummy, but it is useful for resettling her and more often than not I don't have to put it back in when it falls out.

Sameshitdiffname Wed 16-Dec-15 08:29:59

My sisters one year olds still don't sleep through she gets them into a routine and then every now and then they wake up at 1 then 5!

Ignore comments from others you know your child better than them and I'm sure she will fall into a proper routine soon

Touchacat Wed 16-Dec-15 08:48:26

I have wondered the same with my six month old. As you say, they are still very young and my dd feeds so well at each wakening that I think she must be hungry for it. She's a pretty regular feeder and always has been a hungry baby. I think they'll sleep through when they're ready.
The early awakenings must be annoying for you. Mine wakes early but will go back to sleep with a feed and a bit of chattering to herself in her cot so can't really help with that one.

OgreIt Wed 16-Dec-15 08:56:44

I'd say you're doing well. The 4:30 am thing is really difficult, but I think two night feeds is fine at that age. My ds is 10 month and I've just cut back to one night feed (I 'wobble' him back to sleep if he wakes at other times). Of my baby group of 10 babies, all between 10 and 11 months, at least half wake at least once a night to feed.

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