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Another 5 month old question...

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saranga Tue 15-Dec-15 22:38:32

Sleep regression is ending. We were co sleeping. Ebf. Have got him to sleep in the cot on three sep occasions for up to an hour each time.
This evening i feed him to sleep. He appears to be in a deep sleep. Put him in the cot 5 mins later he moves his arms and starts crying and wants to feed again.

Any ideas on getting him to settle in the cot tonight. I will start putting him down drowsy but awake, but tonight that just leads to crying.
Could I leave him to cry in the cot, not pick him up but just comfort him until he sleeps(singing, Patting, that stuff)? He could be hungry so surely I should feed him. He wont take a dummy. He used to sleep in the Moses, then the regression hit.

Loiterer Tue 15-Dec-15 23:06:03

Hi OP. Are you putting him down on his back in the cot?

Few things I have tried, not sure which one worked but previously co-sleeping EBF ds now does go down in his cot...Putting a hot water bottle in so the sheet isn't cold. Putting him down on his front then sort of wiggling his bum. Leaning over him as I put him down whilst shushing.

It is frustrating, I know. I also find Ewan the sheep helps.

saranga Tue 15-Dec-15 23:36:37

Yes he's going down on his back. Hes not properly rolling yet as o I can't put him on his front.
He's got gaviscon to stop reflux
Just got him down for 20 minutes. He stirred for me after 4 and8 mins but I held his hand and he quietd.
Woke after 20, about an hour after he last fed and is feeding now
He might just be hungry. He's always fed a lot, and often, but it got worse with the regression.
Jeez I just want some sleep!

saranga Tue 15-Dec-15 23:37:23

He's in a sleeping bag so cold sheets should be a problem.

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