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Sick of toddler night waking

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UnplainJane Tue 15-Dec-15 18:37:47

DS2 is 20mo and sleep has always been pretty rubbish. He had got better recently (waking 3 times on average) but the last week it is crap again - waking 4 - 5 times. He is teething lower molars (teeth numbers 17 + 18) but they are taking AGES (noticed white blisters/pressure points from tooth under gums about 2 weeks ago and still not broken through). I'm not entirely convinced that it's his teeth that have caused him to get worse but not sure what else? I'm sick and tired of broken sleep now - it's been too long! It's not a self settling issue, he does this well at bedtime on his own but refuses to do so in the night. Should I just wait and see if it improves when the teeth show up?

flanjabelle Tue 15-Dec-15 18:39:24

It might be an obvious answer, but have you been giving nurofen at night for the teeth? If he sleeps better, there is your answer.

UnplainJane Tue 15-Dec-15 18:46:17

I have given him it on and off and he does seem more settled, could just be a coincidence. I'm trying not to rely on it as his first set of molars took 4 months from beginning to end and I can't give it every night until then!

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