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He got him self to sleep, surely a one off right?

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FifiFerusha Mon 14-Dec-15 22:10:34

Oh my god, so after chatting with you guys I have put to practise certain things with my nearly 5 month old. He is distracted when feeding and would only feed to sleep, and when sleepy so have tried to avoid this by feeding on waking. Have also reduced awake time(thank you FATE) have also tried a little bit of pick up, put down(can't do it consistently as have a school run which involves pram nap). I have done this for two days only really and thoroughly. Last night he got bed at seven with a lot of tears, just awful. He then shuffled but didn't wake for his 9pm feed and so I gave a dream feed at 11. He then slept through until 6am. .awake and ready to feed and I have been used to three or four wake ups....and, and,and this evening after a few sessions of pick up and put down I saw him sway his head from side to side, eyes wide open while I schussed next to his cot and he fell asleep, no cry, no tears, nothing. I am in absolute shock, I really don't know how to contain myself. . Surely, surely this is a one off. Have your LOs randomly self soothed and then back to square one. Watch this space. I will probably be on mumsnet tomorrow with another dilemma..but for now feel pretty good. Just needed to share my glee, as we all know how bloody hard it is x x x to all

FifiFerusha Mon 14-Dec-15 22:23:26

Oh, and again he hasn't awoke for his 9 pm feed. Keep checking on him Like a maniac. Must calm myselfsmile x

Gillian1980 Mon 14-Dec-15 22:50:31

Yay! Long may it last.
Once my DD learnt how to self soothe and get herself to sleep that was it smile

saranga Tue 15-Dec-15 23:46:02

Following as its giving me hope..

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