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saranga Sun 13-Dec-15 20:19:58

At night I bf my 5 month to sleep. He lies on the pillow and falls asleep fine. We can also feed lying down and again he will fall asleep fine. When I transfer him to the cot he spits up nearly every time and this wakes him.
Is this reflux?
When feeding lying down and co-sleeping he would wake crying with wind two or three times in the night but I put that down to a bad latch and taking in air. On Friday night he threw up on me 6 times while feeding. :/

He spits up a lot during the day too. It doesn't cause him pain, although it used to, he's just a soggy baby.

Isit reflux and Is it worth trying to treat it? As I said he's not in pain but I think it's waking him up when I put him down.
If its not reflux then is it just caused by a reliance on feeding to sleep and so he's overeating?

Help! We're coming out of the regression and I want him to sleep by himself, for at leasy an hour before midnight!

FATEdestiny Sun 13-Dec-15 22:59:22

This may sound like an obvious question - but are you winding him.

Breastfed babies spitting up (ie posseting) some milk after a feed is quite normal, especially if the baby hasn't been sat up to be winded. Many breastfed babies still need winding, even if it is just briefly lifting baby onto your shoulder for a few minutes and waiting for a burp to come.

There's a difference between posseting (nothing to worry about) and vomiting (concerning). There is a difference between being a sicky baby (in itself not a worry) and reflux causing acid burning sensations (concerning). Babies do bring up milk. Some more than others. Some more frequently than others.

You mention your son falling asleep BF lying down, then being sick on transfer to the cot. While this could be reflux. It could equally be the fact that he didn't do a burp after his feed and so the slight movement of the transfer dislodges an air bubble in his stomach and in bringing up this air, because he is still lying down, it brings a load of milk along with it. Less of the milk may have come put if he was upright because of gravity.

saranga Sun 13-Dec-15 23:14:02

Thank you.
I do hold him upright, for ten minutes, but a burp doesn't always come.
Have just given him some gaviscon so if that stops it I guess we know its reflux?

FATEdestiny Sun 13-Dec-15 23:20:47

Not necessarily. There are lost of other reflux medicines aside from gaviscon. If gaviscon has no effect it could still be reflux (if it is reflux), just that you need a different medication. Or it might not be reflux at all.

(I assume you mean prescription baby gaviscon. You could not give babies normal gaviscon)

saranga Sun 13-Dec-15 23:55:30

Yes we gave infant gaviscon, not adult stuff.

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