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Age to move to own room, and cot or cot-bed?

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trebleclef101 Fri 11-Dec-15 17:28:27

My 4mo DD is just about growing out of the mini-cot we have in our bedroom, so we are starting to think about moving her into her own room and into a bigger cot.

I have been looking at cots that later convert in a toddler bed, but someone told me they're not really worth it as you can just buy a single bed once they are ready.

Any thoughts or recommendations on whether to get a cot or cot-bed?

Also, what age did people move their DC's into their own rooms? I know the recommendation is 6 months, but we can't fit a full size cot in our bedroom.

donkir Sat 12-Dec-15 15:52:36

We moved ds at 10 weeks into his cot bed. I don't think there is much difference in price to a cot and cotbed so it's personal choice.

FATEdestiny Sun 13-Dec-15 23:45:29

You have 3 different options when your baby reaches the age to move into a bed:

- Single bed. The standard single bed is not ideal for a toddler because of the height. Many young children fall our of bed and single beds are high.
- Toddler Be. Much more appropriate than single beds. They are lower, meaning they are safer for a toddler. They are also smaller, so less of an intimidating space for a little one
- Cot bed. Cot that transfers into a toddler bed.

You are likely to go Cot > Toddler Bed > Single Bed. On this basis it is more cost effective to get a cot bed.

I have been lead by the baby by when they go into their own room. I never fancies walking along the hall from my room to baby's room through the night at any wake ups, so I have used baby sleeping through as the start point for when baby moves into their room.

we can't fit a full size cot in our bedroom.

Have you got a chest of drawers in your room? A cot is about the same size. You could remove the drawers out of your room in the short term, to make room for a full sized cot.

trebleclef101 Mon 14-Dec-15 17:03:50

Thank you fate, I hadn't thought of the height of the bed previously but that's something to consider.

We won't be moving her yet anyway as we are going through the dreaded 4 month regression and I'm up 4-5 times each night at the moment, so we'll see how she goes in a few weeks. I don't mind going into another room at night as long as it is only once or twice!

We do have a chest of drawers but it is double size, and we would have to move the bed to get it out of the room so not really an easy option, thank you for the suggestion though.

trilbydoll Mon 14-Dec-15 17:06:47

We've got cotbeds. According to the red book DD won't be too tall until she's 4. I'm not so bothered about the £££ as you have to get a bed sooner or later, just trying to delay the hassle!

drspouse Mon 14-Dec-15 17:09:13

My 6yo DN could sleep quite happily in the cot bed. DC1 is nearly 4 and masses of room still.

trebleclef101 Mon 14-Dec-15 17:10:00

I had gone from wanting a cot-bed to thinking I would just get a cot and then a single bed, but I think I'm going back to cot-bed now.

Just need to wait out the regression then my DH and I can have our bedroom back hopefully!

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