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6 month old naps

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BabyBobbins32 Thu 10-Dec-15 16:46:09

Hi, my 6 month old finally started sleeping for at least 8 hours at night...woohoo!! However in the past week her day time naps have gone to pot...for about a week she was sleeping well at night and having a 45min nap about an hour after waking then a 1.5hr nap about 2 hrs after that, then another 45 again about 2 hrs after that and would then go about 3hrs before bed...I thought everything had finally clicked...then this week she has started sleeping for about. 30mins at a time and she is really cranky!!! I don't know what has changed apart from more sleep at night but that was the same last week and she slept fine then. I wouldn't mind if she was only sleeping that long and seemed happy but she just looks knackered all the time. I have tried putting her down for an extra nap to make it up but she will not sleep more than 3 times in a day! Any advice would be much appreciated...or if this is just a phase reassurance would be nice! She has just cut her second tooth but it is through now so I didn't think that would bother her any more? Thanks...sorry for the rant!

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