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how to get 4 month old to sleep earlier?

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HairyOrk Thu 10-Dec-15 11:52:10

Hi all,

Nanny here and have been asked by parents to "fix" 4 month old babies sleep routine.
It currently looks like this (but varies day to day to be honest):

8.00pm wake up and breast feed
10.00-11.00 nap
11.00 formula feed
1.00-3.00 nap
3.00 formula feed
6.00-6.30 nap
Between 6.00/7.00 feed
8.00 bath time
10.00-10.30 bedtime.

She sleeps through the night from 10.30 to 7.30/8.00 consistently, with no dream feed.

The schedule above is quite misleading as it really isn't that structured, and napping is very difficult as the Mum (who works from home) will go in and start to fuss the baby if she makes any noise after I've put her down for a nap (I will only go in if she's properly crying). Mum prefers to only put her down to sleep if she's already fallen asleep in your arms or is dropping off and will go straight to sleep within a few minutes.

Mum wants to bring the night time sleep forward by an hour, so at least the routine is 9-7 rather than 10-8. Ideally she'd like it to be 8-7/8.

The routines online (Gina ford, EASY routine etc) suggest that she should/could be sleeping 11/12 hours a night.

My big obstacle is that Mum won't let the baby fuss or chat without going in and fussing her. Note: not crying as much as moaning.

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated, is there a way of getting a routine in place with no fussing from baby at all?
And a Unicorn would be fab too wink

StopShoutingAtYourBrother Thu 10-Dec-15 12:01:39

Personally the 6pm nap is too late. Drop this, start bath time routine at 6, feed at 7, put to bed.

This reads like a really good routine tbh but the nap is tiding baby over so delaying her bed time. Plus the bath (precursor and cue to sleep) is far to late. You want to have bath before final feed as no one (adults included) likes a bath on a full stomach.

Do final feed in baby's usual sleep room with dimmed lights.

From what you've outlined baby should (I'd have thought) nicely adjust but of course much depends on baby's temprement.

Doesn't look like you have an extra feed after 6/7 so you might find baby pushes through while night but if not, you may need to consider adding in a dream feed at 10 o'clock ish.

Good luck - and yes discourage coming in when fussing (I'm not talking crying) otherwise that'll come back to bite you! Good luck

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