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Sleep regression aged 3 after arrival of sibling

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ridingsixwhitehorses Wed 09-Dec-15 10:03:42

Ds almost three. We do slept when he was a baby and he's been on own cot then bed since about 4 months (18 months for bed) but until about 2 and a half frequently came into our bed. This got better in the months before dc3 born but since the baby was born two months ago he has come into our bed around 1am every morning. To be expected I know but it means dh and I can't share a bed at moment and we are suffering lack of cuddles. (Not a euphemism. I just want a cuddle from dh!).
Not co sleeping with baby except for about 5am after his second wake up so Ds not coming in and seeing me sleep with baby. Am also making sure lots of time for special cuddles with mummy just me and Ds.
Ds is brilliant with the baby and also adores his sister who is 5 so if it is going to come out on any way this is better than not liking the baby, but I want my bed back. Any ideas? Also he isn't just wanting to sleep with me, he likes his nose on my armpit (bleurgh) and contact with every limb.

ridingsixwhitehorses Sun 13-Dec-15 23:44:47


FATEdestiny Sun 13-Dec-15 23:53:50

I would do rapid return.

Actually I would give your DH the task of rapid return with your 3 year old, while you deal with the baby in the night.

Rapid return basically just means that you don't let him get into bed with you. As soon as he comes into your room, you (or DH) gets up and immediately takes him back to bed. Don't have a lengthy routine in these night wakes - just tuck him back in, give a quick kiss and cuddle and inform him it is sleep time now and he needs to go to sleep.

(I am assuming here that he goes to sleep on his own at bedtime)

DS will hate this initially and may well cry a lot. Your DH dealing with this may not get much sleep. But as long as he is consistent it should work quite quickly, within a week in my experience.

Every time he gets out of bed, take him straight back to bed and reaffirm that it is sleep time and leave. Just keep repeating and keep being quick about it. It is called "rapid" return because it needs no stalling or dithering. As soon as he is up, he is taken back to bed immediately. He'll soon get it and stop bothering getting up at all.

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