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9yr old boy won't stay asleep in own bed

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Funkywotsits Sun 06-Dec-15 23:09:23

Can anybody help?
Our 9yr old son has become very anxious about sleeping in his own bed.
He settles ok but will get up 4,5,6 times through the night.My wife and I have tried lots of things like rewards charts,return him back to bed,comforting him,being strict and even meds from the Dr!!!
The only way he settles is in our bed with either myself or my wife.
Further anxieties re seperation are evident.He does not like to go to friends houses,stay out for sleepovers at grandparents and even dislikes being in a separate room or upstairs alone during the day.We feel totally exhausted with this now and need advice.
We've been to the Dr who has discussed possible Autistic traits and are looking into some play therapy or counselling for him.We also cannot discount the effects of a 7 month seperation my wife and I had last year,we have been reunited for over 9 months now and all is very settled and positive.He has always been an anxious child but we do understand the effect this has had on him.
Any thoughts ???

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