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Ten month sleep regression ongoing for more than two months!

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SallyMischievo Sun 06-Dec-15 02:53:36

DD who is almost one was a brilliant sleeper until a couple of months ago, (biggest apologies if it appears I am being smug - I appreciate how lucky we were!) but now we have so many sleep issues that I don't know where to begin. I would be incredibly grateful for some advice as I am feeling at a loss to know what do.

Right from being tiny, DD would sleep for 4 hours in one stretch, at 8 weeks she dropped her night feed, and from 12 weeks, she was sleeping 10-11 hours at night. However, since early October, she has been waking up 2 or 3 times every night, crying and standing up in her cot. On a 'good' night, she will feed sleepily for half an hour to an hour each time she wakes and go back to sleep but more often than not, she is awake for hours at a time and full of beans, wanting to speedily crawl around, cruise the furniture, leaf through her books, play and babble away. It seems like she just can't switch off! (I never encourage her to play during the night and keep the lights dimmed and interaction to a minimum). I originally put this down to the sleep regression that can occur at around ten months and told myself it was just a phase, however it doesn't seem to be improving and weeks of broken sleep are taking their toll.

Two additional major issues: she resists sleeping at home during the day and won't go down for naps in her cot anymore so I resort to walking for miles with her so she will sleep in the buggy - often she is so tired that she will sleep for 3 hours. I am finding this exhausting after only averaging 4 or 5 hours sleep a night and it means I can't get anything done at home. We also struggle to make it to any groups or activities as we are both so tired.

Also, I have been attempting to phase out breastfeeding and have in the last couple of weeks cut down to just feeding first thing and at bedtime, (I have been giving cow's milk during the day). However I am still feeding her to sleep at night, (trickier than it used to be as she often tries to wriggle out of my arms and struggles to switch off, even when I have tried to prepare her for bed with a quiet bedtime routine) and I put her on the breast to try and settle her and get her back to sleep when she wakes up during the night so I don't see how I can stop feeding at the moment and I am despairing as I would really like to stop breastfeeding now. I would be so grateful for any advice. This is really taking its toll on my relationship with DP, (he sleeps in the spare room and DD is in with me) and I feel like I am never on good form these days as I am so exhausted! Many thanks.

SallyMischievo Sun 06-Dec-15 08:58:11

So sorry for lengthy post but any words of wisdom would be gratefully received!

SunnyDays1987 Fri 11-Dec-15 08:16:54

My DS is 10/11 months old (4 weeks early so have to still class him as prem) and he's going through a terrible sleep phase too. He's never been as good of a sleeper as your DD from what you say but he would usually only wake once in the night for a bottle and then go back to sleep easily. Now he is awake for a good few hours in the night quite often and is taking ages to settle back to sleep. He's been in his own room since 5 weeks old but we've had to move him back in with us so I don't have to keep getting up loads in the night. He always used to put himself to sleep in his cot for his naps (something that I originally had to work on, he didn't do his just by himself) but he has been going through weeks of having to be settled for his naps. So basically I have no advice and plenty of sympathy!

I'm trying to improve things by putting him back in his cot for his naps right from the start but lying on the bed next to him so he's not getting upset that he's on his own. Reducing his bed time bottle so he goes in his cot drowsy but not asleep so he can settle himself, not feeding him in the night and trying to just shush him back to sleep. I'm hoping at the end of all this horror we will have got him off the night bottle and he will have learnt to fall asleep a bit better by himself.

Hard bloody work and today I've already cried once through exhaustion and it's only 8.15am!!!

jobrum Fri 11-Dec-15 16:02:33

hello, I was just about to start a thread then saw this! I hope you don't mind me adding.

My dd is 10.5 exclusively bf (drank formula for a while then refused), sleeps in her own room and apart from the odd night usually woke up once or twice a night and then up for the day before 7. Just over a month ago I started back at work and a bit before that she started going to nursery twice a week. She has been teething, has had a cold which developed into an ear infection and was given a course of anitbiotics which is now finished but has really lost her appetite, lost a bit of weight, refuses milk at nursery. Some days she looks miserable and it makes me so sad as she’s usually bright and happy.

Her sleep got a bit messed up when I started back at work which I expected as it was a big change for her but over the last week her night time sleep has got worse and worse. She wakes multiple times during the evening and night, she keeps waking up anywhere from 5ish-6am but is clearly still tired and wants to go back to sleep but this usually takes a lot of effort to settle her back to sleep. This is making me very tired as my alarm goes off not long after 6 and on the days when she goes to nursery I need to get her up by 7 anyway. She can now stand up so very rarely settles herself back to sleep like she was sometimes doing as she can’t seem to sit back down. When she wakes up she usually screams and cries until we go into her – she used to play and babble for a while. And then the last few days it’s been taking ages to even get her to sleep at bedtime and then she fights going back to sleep once she wakes up. I’ve resorted to sitting on my bed rather than the chair in her room as it’s comfier and waiting until she’s in a deeper sleep before trying to put her down.

Her naps are pretty good, slightly different and shorter at nursery sometimes but she has a morning nap at about 9:30 for a good hour in her cot and then an afternoon nap after lunch which can vary but it’s always before 1:30 and this can either be in her cot or car, pushchair etc. My parents also look after her one day a week but they also stick to the same routine. I have to say, I am quite proud of how good her naps are! But again, she has been fighting nap time sleep a bit as well the last few days.

I am suspecting she is over tired but why her sleep has gotton so bad I don't know. By then end of the day she’s looking shattered and ready for bed by 6 (bedtime is normally 6:15-6:45). She just about dozes off then madly forces her eyes open and scratches at her face and can be awake for a couple of hours in total I suppose during the night. She’s having long night feeds but when she wakes up again she gets angry if I try to stop her feeding then seems to get angry that milk is still coming out. Getting her into the cot is tricky as she wakes up but it is possible to get her back to sleep with a hand on her back and one on her head but even this is less successful now.

I am exhausted and last night moved her mattress to the floor and slept next to her in an attempt to get her more sleep. I’d love if anyone else has gone through similar and could give me some tips or advice. Sorry for the long post but I am at a loss what to do for the best. Curse you ten month sleep regression!

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