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3+ hours to settle this evening...

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WooLulu Sat 05-Dec-15 00:39:24

Brought my 24- day old up to bed at 9. He'd been dozing in his bouncy chair but not for long. Fed and winded him. He went to sleep on me. Laid him down in basket and he grouched about and pooed so changed him, fed him again. He went to sleep on me again. Put him back in basket. Eyes pinged open. Since then I've tried stroking, sshhing, darkness, rubbing his tummy, nothing works. Lost my temper and shouted shut up (horrible I know, must lost my grip for a minute as have been up since 4am), after which he cried and then slept for half an hour. Then woke up. Husband came back from friend's bday meal, I fed baby again and he slept on me for the third time. Husband has now sent me to spare room to sleep until the next feed.

Why is he so difficult to settle when it's actual sleep time? Night feeds aren't much better - he was awake from 4am until 6.40 this morning. He just has no interest in going back to sleep. Then he sleeps most of the day (when our toddler is awake).

Is there anything we can do to help settle him? Can I restrict his day sleep - if so, how? I'm beginning to loathe the nights as they are relentless...

FATEdestiny Sat 05-Dec-15 22:11:15

3 weeks old is tiny, tiny. Having a newborn is a massive shock to the system, isn't it?

In terms of practical help, dummy and swaddle. Its all about the dummy and swaddling.

Feed baby, swaddle, dummy in, settle (in your arms or in crib/cot), put down, cover with blanket/s.

Dummy allows for comfort sucking, naturally soothing to baby. Swaddling allows for that tight, secure feeling and also makes transfers from one place to another easy.

You don't need to buy a special swaddle blanket - and long, thin rectangle of material will do. I have a cot shit which we ripped in half along the short edge to make two long, thin rectangles - these are our two swaddle blankets (one in use, one in the wash).

Regarding dummy - some babies 'get' a dummy straight away. Some babies need a little time and effort holding it in place until baby understand that by sucking they gain comfort.

BBQueen Sat 05-Dec-15 22:15:12

Great advice from FATE - same technique worked for me (DD2 would not take dummy so swaddled and fed to sleep).

FATEdestiny Sat 05-Dec-15 22:17:56

I just read "cot shit" that I wrote. I meant cot sheet! grin

WooLulu Sun 06-Dec-15 07:57:26

Thanks FATE - I guessed your meaning.

Wondered if he was too old to swaddle now as we haven't done it before now. Don't know why - we did with our first. Had him in bed with me last night and he settled much better. Will try not to make a habit of it but gave me a break from hours of settling.

Thanks also for reminding me just how small he is. Because DH is back at work and life carries on I think you forget just how small and special they are xx

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