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waking up in the night almost 4year old girl

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crusading Thu 03-Dec-15 17:29:04

We have got ourselves into a bad sleep cycle, which is our own doing and we really need to get out of please.

My almost 4year old dd has never been the best sleeper and has gone through every stage and regression which involves sleep in the book. Generally we have found that been consistant and calm the phase has passed and sleep has returned back to our household ....... but not this time.

It all started when I had an accident and damaged my ribs and a few other muscles shoulder etc. this meant I wasnt very speedy at getting in and out of bed so I let her sleep in my bed (my husband was away on work and I certainly would have struggled to carry her back to bed) (I will say that on occasions we have slept together and she has never previously thought this the norm, just special treatment when ill or staying at my inlaws). Is now wanting to sleep with me and getting upset that she can't, coming in and out of our bedroom despite about 2weeks of been taken back. once in bed she is wide awake and will do anything but sleep (try to remain calm and not be dragged into conversation or her demands). She is generally waking 2/3 times a night and taking upto an hour to get back to sleep in her own bed.
I have tried saying that Santa needs everyone asleep in the house so we ought to start practicing for Christmas Eve, this doesnt seem to worry her as apparently that night she will sleep through!! We have a good bed time routine and she is been good to go to bed.
Any Tips, ideas greatly appreciated please.

BananaPie Sat 05-Dec-15 23:56:38

Have you tried a reward chart with stickers and prizes for a certain number of good sleeps?

crusading Sun 06-Dec-15 23:46:35

Thank you, previously we have tried charts and great for morning routine but never seem to work for sleeping. I guess we could have another try, worth a go

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