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8m dd has stopped sleeping thru - is it teething?

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Rara Mon 06-May-02 17:17:59

DD has always been a good sleeper and has also used a dummy to help her sleep. Tried weaning her off the dummy a few months ago but it was traumatic to say the least! Figured it was ok if it was just used for sleeping.

She's now started waking at least once in the night (well, early morning) and is much harder to settle. If she did this previously, we'd pop her dummy in and she's go straight back off. Now she seems more uncomfortable and I'm sure her teeth must be giving her gyp. She's not got any thru yet but it looks imminent (dribbling, red cheeks, fist in mouth, more grumpy than usual, etc.)

I'm starting to get worried about the dummy addiction thing again, as this might well be stopping her from sleeping thru, but also realise that her teeth are probably something to do with it. Is it worth going cold turkey with the dummy again or will we be getting broken nights with the teeth anyway, so the dummy could be comfort for her? Incidentally, she's very easy going usually, but if she gets one on her she can cry herself into a lather which makes her cough dreadfully and then retch, so I wouldn't be in favour of leaving her to cry. Any ideas or advice on the sleeping/teething thread?

BTW, feeling fragile at the mo, so anyone wishing to criticise me for using a dummy in the first place can save their breath, I haven't the energy for a fight!

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