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Unbearable bedtimes since moving to bed

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Helgathehairy Wed 02-Dec-15 20:28:17

DD is 2.3 and we moved her into a bed Sunday night. She's slept in it before for naps but stopped napping when she was 21 months so hasn't been in it in a while. She's never been a brilliant sleeper but wasn't too bad at going to sleep in her cot but all hell has broken loose since moving to the bed.

So far it's involved me lying in thr bed with her and an hour of screaming and crying. She tries to stand and throws herself around the bed (she hit her head off the wall last night). She is tired (rubbing her eyes and yawning) but it's just unbearable for at least an hour. Once she goes to sleep she's actually sleeping through.

Any help?? DH and I are cracking up.

Nomorethongs Thu 03-Dec-15 06:25:32

Sorry to hear. We had issues moving my son to cot bed without the sides so we knew going to a big bed would have challenges. We found an ikea bed, Kura. Like a mini 4 poster bed and ou can get tent on top and curtains on the side, he took to tit perfectly and always chooses to have the curtains down, makes a very cute den for him.

Helgathehairy Thu 03-Dec-15 14:37:49

She slept fine in this bed before so I don't think it's the bed. No ikea anywhere near anyway.

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