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4 month sleep regression - does it just get better by itself??

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BotBotticelli Mon 30-Nov-15 09:06:23

Or do I have to "fix" this???

Waaaaaah. My baby is broken!

He was sleeping pretty darn well (FF: bottle at 7pm, woke for a feed at 10-11pm, woke once around 4am, settled with a cuddle, and then woke up for the day around 7am!!).

Then he turned around 14 weeks old and it all went to shit!

Now he is waking every hour or 90 mins between 1am and 7am.

He is NOT hungry (I know this because he shows little interest in his breakfast bottle until 8am, despite getting up at 7am, even when he has not fed since 10pm). He just seems to need a cuddle/to know I am there. And his bloody dummy needs putting in his mouth.

Will he just get over this in a few weeks??? Or is it down to me to sort this out? And if so, how the fucking fuck do I do that?!?

saranga Mon 30-Nov-15 10:48:48

Everything ve read says we can't fix it and we just need to ride it out. It's like having a newborn again isn't it.

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