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Getting more sleep with breastfed baby

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annasmum15 Mon 30-Nov-15 08:57:16

Hello lovely Mums - grateful for any advice on getting more sleep with a three month old breastfed baby. She's showing signs that she can sleep longer and deeper. We co-slept to get milk supply established and get through growth spurts but it's not right for us (I find it very uncomfortable and lie awake worrying about suffocating her plus it seems to encourage her to snack all night). However, I feel like having her in cot by our bed I am not in synch with her so waking for feeds is much harder - not so bad if less frequent so wondering how best to help her as I'm sure sometimes she's only waking and needing help getting back to sleep rather than actually hungry.

FATEdestiny Tue 01-Dec-15 21:49:52

You could take one side off the cot (easily done with an allen key) and butt it up to your bed. This kind of side-car cot is a great intermediary between co- and independent sleeping.

annasmum15 Wed 02-Dec-15 20:40:13

Thanks for your reply - yes have tried that but didn't get on with it very well although that was much earlier so maybe worth revisiting!

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