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mamalovesmama Sat 28-Nov-15 23:08:30

Hi ladies, in need of a bit of advice or reassurance, is this normal.... My 10 month old daughter for the last 3 nights has woke up bang on 10.30-10.45 squealing, her eyes are shut and she's screaming and getting higher in pitch by the minute, I have to pick her up and literally rock her off to sleep, I've tried to put her down and if she's not in a deep sleep she'll scream and arches her back, till we cuddle her sad It's like she's in a bad dream but tonight she woke up and then I went to put her down and it started again.... Like she doesn't want to separated!?!??

Now she's gone back down, that's it normally were all ok now till morning, so just wondering is this just a phase that's happening?! Help smile

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