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Boob to sleep?

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BalaRua Sat 28-Nov-15 09:50:06

My 6mo ds has always boobed to sleep, other than when he falls asleep in the car or pram. It's not a problem if I'm home but when I'm out its awkward. Especially as he is screaming at me because he is tired. Can anybody please advise a way to either get him to fall asleep without a boob or just maybe shed light on why he screams and fights sleep? Should I be getting him on the boob earlier to avoid fights? Thank you

jessplussomeonenew Sat 28-Nov-15 10:08:19

Hmm, I find that DS will settle with cuddles and back rubs but not for me, because he smells the milk - I'd just keep boobing when it's you but try to have someone else settle him occasionally for the variety. Screaming and fighting sleep sounds like overtiredness to me - would an earlier bedtime help?

nutbrownhare15 Sat 28-Nov-15 10:15:43

Sounds tough op. I'm no expert but have a DD who is 4 months. Spent hours rocking her to sleep when she was younger which isn't great for the back! A fairly brisk rock getting slower as baby relaxes with a gentle tap on the bum worked best. She also will fall asleep easily in the sling- you could borrow one from a local sling library if you don't have one. Something else that works is jiggling in my knee facing outwards with something in her mouth to chew (usually my hand). The main thing that I found helps avoid tantrums I noticing as soon as she starts to get tired and trying to get her to nap by whatever method is most convenient at the time. She will yawn and rub her eyes. By the second yawn or first rub it's naptime, also naptime if she starts kicking off and a change of scene/feed doesn't help. This usually makes it much easier to get her to sleep as she's not overtired. What also works is noting when she gets tired eg she can go up to 2 1/2 hours in the day without getting tired but less first thing in morning. I use boob as a last resort if she is upset and trying another method hasn't worked. If boob is upsetting her the lying her on my chest and patting her back gently but vigorously can work. If it doesn't back to rocking or walking her. I guess its a case of trial and error for what works for your little one. Good luck!

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