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Medicating toddler at bedtime for teething

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Queendedede Fri 27-Nov-15 18:39:03

DS is 19mo and cutting his last four molars (early I know!) If I give him Nurofen at bedtime he will sleep for 4hrs+ before first wake up. If I don't then he will wake every 1.5hrs through the night. I'm really worried about doing this every bedtime though as obviously it's a medicine and these molars are going to take ages (his first set took about 4 months from beginning to end). But the alternative is a really crappy night for everyone. WWYD?

PurpleTreeFrog Fri 27-Nov-15 21:08:23

We do Calpol nearly every night... My son is 18 months old. Sometimes we stop for a couple of weeks then we start up again when the teething continues... I know we're not supposed to sad I think it's more of a placebo for us and I feel guilty about it.

I think Ibuprofen is supposed to be worse than Paracetamol for infants though? So if you are going to do it, maybe try Calpol instead? Obviously this is not proper medical advice in the slightest but worth looking into.

Queendedede Fri 27-Nov-15 22:00:36

Calpol doesn't work as well. Ibuprofen is fine as long as given on a full stomach - it's an anti-inflammatory as well as painkiller so helps a bit more. GP actually advised it over calpol for teething. Didn't give any this evening and gone 2hrs so hopefully not hurting as much tonight!

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