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control crying

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Terezia Fri 27-Nov-15 14:22:56

hello everybody,
just a quick question. does anybody has got any experience with control crying? we are turning 6 months in december. we are cosleepng and nappung in the carrier on in my hands. dont know how else i can learn my dd to sleep in her cot.
any advice how to do it and how to survive it without me crying and picking her up after 5 minutes would be appreciated. thank you.

lilac3033 Fri 27-Nov-15 18:33:06

I did it just to break DDs habit of needing me to hold her to sleep during night wakings (and only night wakings). DP and I just laid in our bed right next to her cot while she cried, as I didn't want her feeling abandoned. Initially we patted and stroked her as well as talking, then just talking, then not on the bed and now a few weeks later we can just leave her with minimal fuss. I think it is easier for her to fall asleep without us in there now! She cried 1 hour 45 the first night but I gave myself the out of picking her up for a minute if she was getting too upset, but I don't think I did. She did 40 minutes maybe 2 other times now she's usually asleep in 5 minutes.

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