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1 year old sleep

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happymum111 Thu 26-Nov-15 17:02:37

Hi everyone! My daughter has just turned one.. She has always been so good with sleep and has slept through the night since about 5 weeks old, however for the last couple of weeks I'm having to battle with her to get her to nap. She screams and screams every time we even walk into her room.
I know her cries and this is a painful/frustrated cry. I always do her nappy before she goes to bed, she is teething but has calpol before going to bed if her teeth of bothering her, she only has a bottle of water in bed with her and has never had comforters.
Am I missing something? Do I leave her or go in and comfort her?
She is defiantly tired when I try to put her down, she will be running her eyes and lying on the floor in her usual sleeping position.
I'm really running out of ideas and need some help!
Sorry for the long message... Just need some help!
Oh forgot to say she is in nursery and the days that she goes (Monday and Tuesday) she naps fine for them, no problems at all.
I'm starting to think she just hates me ha!

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