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19 month old asking for 'big bed'. Too young?

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Queendedede Sun 22-Nov-15 13:15:58

He loves sitting in our bed during the day and playing in his big brother's bed. We have a single bed in his room as nowhere else to put it (was the guest room before he was born) and he loves getting in it, snuggling down and pretending to sleep. He currently settles well alone at bedtime but still wakes between 3 - 6 times a night (!) These wake ups are usually brief if I go in and tuck him in then walk out. I've tried leaving him a few minutes but he won't settle until he sees me so I do what gets the household the most sleep. I do hear him banging into the sides of his cot a lot so wondered if this contributes to some of the waking. Would I be stupid to move him into a bed when he is still so unsettled at night?

5madthings Sun 22-Nov-15 13:20:57

Can't hurt to try, I would put a spare duvet folded on the floor incase he falls out.

You can get those bed guards also or I have seen a neat trick with those pool noodles tucked under the bottom.sheet to stop toddlers rolling out. It of course just put the mattress on the floor so if they fall out it doesn't matter.

Mine have all Co slept so been in a big bed from.the start.

rach2713 Sun 22-Nov-15 15:22:07

My daughter is away to turn 3 in Dec and has been in her big bed since she was 19 months and she sleeps so much better was a bad sleep in her cot and woke about 6 times a night and now she sleeps all night since she got in the single bed

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