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11 month old - sudden sleep regression

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Capel81 Fri 20-Nov-15 09:48:02

My 11 month old DD has a consistent bedtime routine and is usually in bed between 7 and 8 pm each night with little or minimal resistance. She's never been the greatest sleeper (as in she rarely sleeps through) but if she did wake it has been either a case of giving her Calpol if she's ill or giving her a cuddle and she would go back down.

Now we've had a funny few weeks as we've all come down with the Hand, Foot and Mouth virus and DD was given a course of antibiotics as they originally thought it was a chest infection. This is now over a week ago and DD appears to be in good health.

For the last 3 - 4 nights DD has been really difficult to put down. She's needed to be rocked to sleep and whereas sometimes I can normally put her down in her cot awake but sleepy, she has screamed the place down if I've dared to put her down before she is in a deep sleep. She also doesn't seem to be able to get enough milk from me (I'm breastfeeding), she just keeps wanting to suck to the point it's getting painful but it's not settling her as it normally does. I've had to call for my hubby to make up a bottle of Oaty milk (she's dairy free and dietician said as she's nearly one she can have it) to top her up.

Once I've finally got her down she sleeps till 11 and then she wakes screaming, and standing up in the cot. Both hubby and I have tried to rock / cuddle her back to sleep but she is having none of it and as I've been under the weather I've brought her into bed with me for the last 3 nights. My hubby thinks that she's now expecting this and this is why she is crying. I should also mention that hubby works away in the week normally but as he has been contagious he has been home (I don't know if this has unsettled her??). She doesn't appear to be hungry when she wakes at this time.

I know no one can really tell us what's going on but I'm looking for your advice. Have a created an expectation of co sleeping after 3 nights in a row? Is the best way to tackle this through sleep training (we did verbal reassurance at 8 months old) or is this just a phase that will pass? Her daytime naps have been unaffected and she happily goes down in her cot. The issue is just at night.

Thank you.

FATEdestiny Fri 20-Nov-15 13:08:23

If you have been ill as well, your milk supply will probably have been affected and she is having to work hard to get your supply up. I would feed at each and every wake up and as much as possible to get your supply back up.

Also remember that antibiotics can cause stomach upsets, especially in babies. Can also cause things like thrush (oral and virginal). It could therefore be that your DD is suffering with a side-effect of the antibiotics she took.

Personally, I am not super-precious about breastfeeding like some people are. So if this was me I'd offer alternate milk top-ups (whatever she is used to). Milk as a drink remains an important aspect of a childs diet until 2 years old, they should aim for a pint a day. So I would start introducing bottles/beakers/cups of milk

Arkkorox Wed 25-Nov-15 20:39:52

I actually could have word for word written your post. Dd is 11 months too.

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