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what time is bedtime?

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gemsie23 Fri 20-Nov-15 09:09:46

Hi! My dd is 9 months and we went through some really early rising for a few weeks but then got back to after 6 nearer 6:30 the last week which is great. She had accidentally been going to sleep by 7:45 so I moved it back to asleep by 7:25 last 2 nights but we hav woken at 5 & 4:45. Could that small difference have caused that? I want her to really go to bed about 7 so I hav the night but at the moment the morning is more important so il hav I try later again.

I just wondered what time other similar aged babies go to sleep and when they wake? Anyone got any early rising tips?

Vedamakesthebesttoast Fri 20-Nov-15 09:17:58

You have my sympathies, I feel your pain! We have girl boy twins and one is an excellent sleeper and the other is not. I think they're just wired different and I haven't been able to figure out how to make DS sleep longer. He's waking about 6 these days but went through a 4.30 stage which was truly horrific, especially since dd was sleeping till 7.30.... Just when DS was wanting a nap so there was no chance of me getting a wee lie down myself.

How are naps during the day? Maybe an extra catnap around half four or five might let her stay awake longer and then sleep in in the morning? Just an idea, we didn't try it as to be honest I just needed them to go down at 7 so I could cook and clean the house!!

gemsie23 Fri 20-Nov-15 13:33:30

Oh no, that must be a nightmare for you! I would like more of an evening but will try 7:45 again tonight and then il kno if it's the earlier bedtime or something else.
Naps I'm not strict on as we are out and about a lot too. She doesn't sleep after 4:30 though as she tends to sleep every 3ish hours after waking! This morn she napped for 2hrs 15mins but other times it may be 30mins so I just think she wil nap whatever she needs. From looking previously, it doesn't seem to affect nighttime either! xx

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