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Toddler (2.5y) sleep regressed

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grainmum Tue 17-Nov-15 22:17:39

My DS has never been a great sleeper, very few times having slept all night. However, we'd got to the point that he would fall asleep alone with just one or two further visits to his room to remind him it was bedtime, and then maybe one or two night wakings where I could just remind him it was night time and he'd fall asleep again.

This has all fallen apart after a wheezy cough needing inhaler and steroids, guy fawkes and the following 7-10 day firework onslaught, and family visiting. Now I have to stay in his room while he falls asleep (although I've retreated to the doorway successfully) but if he wakes in the night the only thing that will soothe him is if I sit next to his bed so he can get his hand down my top (a common comfort thing for him which I would like to reduce).

Any ideas? Or do I just sit it out and wait for it to pass? Ideally I'd like to reduce the physical contact needed while he's going back to sleep, in the hope that he'll eventually just roll over and go back to sleep when he wakes in the night.

weeblueberry Thu 19-Nov-15 10:47:25

Does he have a comforter other than you? Dummy...nightlight etc?

We're suddenly going through the same thing with our 2.5yo and are looking at getting her a lantern like nightlight that she can take into her bed.

She's also decided she's not going to bed at night but we're letting her cry but going to the door every 5 minutes/going in to see her every twenty until she settles. In our case it's toilet training that I think has spurred it on...

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